currently {me}

*running. weekend mileage: 13.1 mile insanely hilly run upstate on Saturday; 5 mile insanely hilly power walk upstate on Sunday. even though the terrain is challenging, i love running at home. it wasn’t humid, the country roads are beautiful, and it’s so peaceful. sure, i’m running more slowly, and i run out of water every time, and i always start too late so it gets super hot at the end…but it’s all worth it.

  • the bad: i have a shin splint. ouch. i’m really hoping to be more diligent about icing and resting if i need to and not pushing myself to any further injury.
  • the good: i feel like i’m at a good place mentally with my running. i’m not running as much as i’d like, and definitely not as fast as i’d prefer, but i’m enjoying it (when my leg doesn’t hurt) and not allowing myself to stress out about it and just tackling it one run at a time.
  • the in-between/uncertain: will i run the marathon in October? i have no idea. i haven’t run more than 13.1 miles still, and that’s felt like a struggle lately (b/c HILLS and heat), so i don’t think i’ll be ready, or even want to, to be honest. i guess we’ll see in a few weeks!

*eating. dried mission figs. i bought a bag at a lil farmer’s market by me the other day and they’re just so good. i don’t know why i don’t keep these on hand all the time. i’d love to say i eat them b/c of all the potassium and fiber — which are great benefits — but really, i just love ’em, and they fill me up.

*reading. This Side of Paradise by my beloved F. Scott Fitzgerald. this is his first novel — he was only 23 when he wrote it (talk about a genius combination of ambition and talent) — and the 4th i’ve read of his. it’s quirky and witty and apparently semi-autobiographical, and i love the main character’s name (Amory Blaine). it’s intriguing so far, and definitely different from anything else i’ve ever read. i wouldn’t call it a page-turner, but i’m enjoying following this flighty protagonist as he attempts to come of age rather trippingly. as do all of his novels, this one has some amazing quotes. i just adore his writing.




*current mood.e0983c3ce2a4c6650ee927e17b9d4898friend points if you can name this song (without Googling!).

hope your weeks start off rad, friends.

Best part of your weekend?
Anyone have any trips coming up?
Whatcha reading?


13 thoughts on “currently {me}

  1. I absolutely love the piece (poem) you wrote above…It made me want to know more. More story, more of these people. It was captivating in the sense that it transports the reader to that place where this exchange/moment is taking place. I don’t quite know where it is, but I definitely want to go back.

  2. I just finished The Lost City of Z – it was incredible! Highly recommend!! I hope your shin starts to feel better soon ! 🙂 Have a fabulous Monday!!

  3. hope you shin feels better so you can rock that marathon. too bad I’ll be running in Brooklyn that same weekend. Love figs. I must buy some!

  4. I’m with Allison. You still have time to decide and get some long runs in. And the weather is starting to take a turn here (sigh, just when I’m ready for summer). Get yourself a pair of compression sleeves and sleep in them. It will work wonders on those shin splints. Hope you feel better soon.

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