weekly workouts {8/23-8/29} & other fun stuff

oh heyyyyy friends! i’m in, like, theeeee best mood of all moods today, for several reasons.

first off, i’m going on an adventure, and you KNOW how happy THAT makes me.

backpackand if that wasn’t enough, i finally found THIS just now and immediately ordered it (in black):

fullsummerbodytank…because it pretty  much sums up my summer life. if we’re getting food and you let me choose, it’ll usually be tacos. (ok sometimes sushi, but 95% of the time, tacos.)

i also had a nice-n-early run this morning that started just as the sun was rising, in the lovely 70 degree air with no humidity!! gahhh it’s like God just hand-picked this day for me. i’m super happy.

let’s talk some workouts, then!

daily-motivation-141Sun, 8/23: 5-mile hilly power walk with my friend upstate at the lake. recovery from my personal half marathon of nonstop hills the day before.
Mon, 8/24: 3.5 mile run home from work. hot, humid, painful. followed by 30-40 minutes of total body strength & 10 minutes of planks at the gym. those felt gooood. esp bc it was air conditioned.
Tues, 8/25: morning gym workout: 25 minutes on Arc trainer (that thing kicks my arse!) followed by 35-40 mins of total body (kettlebells + lots of squats/lunges etc).
Wed, 8/26 (today): lovely 5-miler this morning along the river. exactly what i needed to start this day.
Thurs, 8/27: i’mma run some miles at some point. that’s all i know.
Friday, 8/28: i’m not sure actually. run, walk, hike, something?
Saturday, 8/29: morning run, mileage uncertain.

lil bit of flexibility going on with some of those workouts, but i’m not too worried about it. 🙂

How’s your week of workouts going?
Give me a new workout song!
Fave kind of tacos?
fish. fish. fish.


7 thoughts on “weekly workouts {8/23-8/29} & other fun stuff

  1. I want to find a shirt that says “I Run Because Pizza”. Just that. I’m back to work…so maybe I will spend my afternoon researching this. I posted a new song today! Check out Leave a Trace by Chvches!

  2. Hey girl!! Fabulous workouts and fabulous shirt!! Haha, I’m all about them tacos, too! So great to feel your love and warmth! Have a fantastic day and hope you’re having a cool summer! 🙂

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