2 Things Tuesday

is the day after a long weekend not so hard?? it just makes me want an even longer vacation. i spent the entire day yesterday on a boat on the lake with my brother and his friends, and today is just killing me. anyone with me?!

ONE: running. such good news on this front: i finally got over my “can’t seem to run more than a half marathon” streak i’ve been sitting on all summer and knocked out 15 miles on Saturday morning! wooot! if you follow me on IG (@glitterstruck), well, then you already knew that. it felt so good and i was so darn happy about this (hilly) run.

one thing i need to do better at, though, is fueling during my runs. i honestly am the worst at this and don’t pay any attention to it at all — i didn’t take a single shot block or salt pill or add electrolytes to my water or do a darn thing besides drink a lot of water (i stop at gas stations along the way to refill my little bottle). i hate the feeling of having anything in my stomach when/before i run, but i know i need it for the longer ones (especially when it’s so hot & sunny), so i have to be more diligent about this.

i felt really good on Sunday so got in a 5-6 miler then as well: slow & steady, but pain-free and just all-round enjoyable. i’m really happy with how my runs went this weekend upstate, especially since it was just the loveliest weather. i didn’t even mind running all those hills for once!

TWO: snip.

shorthairoh hey, short hair. nice to see you for the first time in my adult life!

all i can say is, it’s about time and i have no idea what took me so long to chop it. who knew that all these years, there was a short-haired girl inside me dying to be let out, and i thought i was destined to always have long hair?! i love it.

for all you upstate NYers looking for the best stylist, go see Hannah @ Studio D in Clifton Park. not only is she one of my dear friends and the sweetest girl, but she’s so talented.

hope you had fabulous Labor Day weekends, friends!

What’d you do this weekend? i swam & boated & saw family and friends & ran ran ran & cut my hair & relaxed.
Runners: How’s training/running going? Any good runs this weekend?
How do you fuel for long runs?
help me. i’m the worst.


16 thoughts on “2 Things Tuesday

  1. Love the hair!! I still need to cut mine too…I think I’ve been saying that for months now!
    I so struggle with the fueling too because my stomach is uber sensitive. I did a 20-miler this past weekend though and for the first time in awhile I felt like I did it right! I alternated between shot blocks (the margarita one has extra sodium which helped a lot – I took one block every 3ish miles), salt tabs (2 total: one at mile 8ish, the second around 15), and Gatorade/water. I had a tiny 10oz bottle of Gatorade and took one sip every 2ish miles. I think all of that combined helped sooooo much, but the salt tabs in particular seem to really help me out. They come in pill form so they don’t dissolve as you run! Good luck, chica! It helps that I carry all this with my hydration pack too – it fits everything!

    • thanks for this, girl! i know i need to do better about making myself fuel even when i don’t feel like it (and i basically never feel like it). thx for the specifics — i’ll def have to experiment this wknd and see how i feel. hope all is well with you and we still need to get together!

  2. Love the new hair cut!!! I hate eating before I run as well so I usually do not take anything in until about mile 11-12 on a long run over 15. I don’t typically fuel for runs less than 15 miles, but if I’m going for longer, I fuel earlier. I usually take one Gu and the rest 50/50 water and gatorade mix. Helps keep my electrolytes and salt up without putting too much substance in my stomach. Definitely start playing around with nutrition (even on shorter runs – just take less) to see what your body can handle. Took me about a year to get my fueling routine down so I don’t have stomach issues or the “ugh I’m so full” feeling. Congrats on a fabulous long run!! And now totally following your IG 🙂

    • thanks girl, and yes i just saw you follow me! glad we’re connected. 🙂 i never fuel for anything under a half, and even during a half i only take a few shot blocks throughout, and switch to Gatorade the last 6-7 miles usually. that tends to work for me.

  3. I’m totally following you on Instagram and LOVE your hair!! I totally got mine cut short on Friday!! I LOVE IT!! I’m all about the shorter hair now! It’s so chic! Way to go on your 15! You rock! XOXO

  4. I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR> Love it. lovelovelovelove. That is where I wanted my hair at when i got it cut this spring. Sadly, my stylist was a little gun shy. But your’s looks amazing!
    email me if you need help on the running front.

    • thanks chicklet!! i could see you with short hair, too. boo stylist. i gave mine Ali Fedotowsky’s photos and said “i want this.” and i have it. 🙂 thanks love, i will email you.

  5. 15 miles, nicely done!! Now that many people are entering their final weeks of marathon training, I’m getting major long distance envy! Glad you felt great during it 🙂

    Your hair looks awesome! I’m such a wuss when it comes to cutting my hair, I freak out when more than 2″ gets cut off haha

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