weekly workouts {9/10-9/16}

Thurs, 9/10: 5.2 mile treadmill run — it was raining and 90% humidity at 6am, so inside i went. didn’t love it, but did a bit of speed intervals, so it was okay.
Fri, 9/11: walked the 3.5-4 miles home from work in prep for my long run the next morning, then did some upper body (kettlebells, free weights, lat & row machines) and abs at the gym.
Sat, 9/12: i ran a million miles. okay, so it was 17. but it felt like a marathon, i swear.
Sun, 9/13: 6 mile easy recovery run (okay so a total jog) around 5pm. i surprisingly felt like i had some energy to burn and wanted to be outside, and nothing hurt, so i went for it.
Mon, 9/14: walked 3.5-4 miles home from work; did a little stretching & strength in the gym. nothing strenuous.
Tues, 9/15: toyed with the idea of taking a class at Lulu that my old trainer was teaching, but felt good enough to run, and it was so beautiful out, so i ran 4-5 miles and then did some kettlebells and planks.
Wed, 9/16 (today): dragged myself out of bed (yay!) for an hour-long total body workout this am, mostly upper body: kettlebells, lat & row machines, free weights, lots of push-ups. felt really good. & i’ll walk home tonight from work — it’s SO lovely out!! i’m enamored with this September in NYC so far.

surprising take-away: i’m really enjoying my more-frequent upper body strength workouts (and definitely seeing/feeling results), as well as my long walks home from work. when i run, i listen to music to keep me motivated the entire time, but on my walks lately, i’ve been going without music and instead choosing to use that time to reflect and pray and take in everything that’s good and beautiful about my current life. i find these few walks a week have been beneficial for me in more than just the expected outcome of giving my legs a break from running — they’ve given me some really great “me” time, for which i’m very thankful.

Best workout/run of your week?
Who’s doing a long run this weekend? Want to come run with me??


3 thoughts on “weekly workouts {9/10-9/16}

  1. Woooo come run in CT this Friday! Haha. I’m nervous but I love getting my long run over with before the weekend that way I can sleep in and really enjoy the day 🙂

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