Friday Five: Five Fave Workout Songs {9/18}

hey friends! first thing’s first: in case you didn’t notice, Run This Apple received a make-over last night! she was totally overdue for one, and my wonderful photographer & designer friend (of Santa Barbara photo fame & the baby plane experience) took it upon himself to surprise me with this new header completely out of the blue.

the verdict: i love love love it & it’s perfect for me. couldn’t be happier! i’m so thankful to be surrounded by so many talented, wonderful people.

& of course, i want to give credit where credit is due: you can check out the designer’s new blog and show him some love at David Mendoza (his pictures are ridiculous), and the photo of the NYC skyline he used in the header was taken by the incredibly lovely & talented SB wedding photographer Jessica Fairchild (who photographed one of my dear friend’s weddings and whom i had the pleasure of meeting last month, and is an absolute gem of a human being).

okay! so, now that that fun stuff has been attended to, let’s move on to this week’s Friday Five link-up with Mar, Courtney & Cynthia. this week’s theme is:

i’m a huge music junkie (hidden talent: i can sing pretty well, actually) & have a very eclectic taste in music, so it’s going to be tough for me to choose just five, so i’m listing songs that are currently on my running playlists and get me through those long runs!

ONE:ย “Girls” by the 1975. i’m obsessed with this band and basically have all of their songs on my running lists. they make me so happy & sometimes i just play their album on repeat while running. also check out “Settle Down” & “Heart Out” & okay basically all of their songs. LOVE.

TWO:”Coming Over” by James Hersey, filous remix. i first heard this song in a spin class and emailed the instructor saying i had to know what it was, i was so hooked. i’ve heard several versions of it but prefer this one.

THREE: “Judah (Reprise)” by After the Sirens. i’m shamelessly plugging my brother’s old band here, but i was SUCH a fan of their stuff when they were still together (insert sad face: i still maintain they could have made it big!) and love love love this song. they’re on Youtube & iTunes, so check them out if you’re into the indie vibe at all.

FOUR: “Cool” by Alesso. just a great song to run to. so into this electro tune.

FIVE: “Fourth of July” by Fall Out Boy. i’ve been listening to them for yearssss and love to run to this sort of raw, punk-influenced rock-pop (Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Something Corporate, etc), so i needed to put at least one of those sort of songs on here (it’s hard to choose just 5 songs, no?!). this is a solid tune that always picks me up a bit.

so, there you have it — five songs i always keep on my running rotation. hope you enjoy ’em (and let me know if you check any of them out).

Fave workout songs? please share some with me!
Band you can’t stop/won’t stop playing on repeat? you know mine. ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Fave Workout Songs {9/18}

  1. Loving the new layout! It’s a great feeling when your blog grows with you and becomes more and more your own. I’m all about top hits, house, and hip hop when I run…Ludacris has been the theme of my marathon training haha. But Fall Out Boy is always a good choice too — reminds me of my teenage angsty days ๐Ÿ˜‰

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