weekly workouts {9/17-9/23}

happy Autumnal Equinox, friends! i like this day, for some reason, lingering on the cusp of my two favorite seasons and representing golden days. while i’m definitely nahhhht excited about Summer being behind us, i do love Indian Summer (who doesn’t, right?!), and these lately-days we’re having in NYC are just glorious.

and they make running SO much more enjoyable! so, let’s chat about that…

Thurs, 9/17: ran 5 miles home from work
Fri, 9/18: rest, i think?
Sat, 9/29: ran 23 miles!!! highlight of my workout week FOR SURE! i loved my route: i ran all the way up to the lighthouse by the George Washington Bridge (for the 2nd time ever & the 2nd Saturday morning in a row) by 181st St (recycled pic, this week was much sunnier),

FullSizeRenderand then kept going further, for the first time, all the way up past The Cloisters (where i haven’t been and Hundo P need to go!) at Fort Tryon Park. i had no idea what the path turned into up here, and was happily surprised at how flat and quiet and removed it was. although i was running along the highway, it definitely felt like i was away from the city craziness and in a whole different place. i also stumbled upon this structure, which totally caught me off guard & seemed entirely out of place, in a really cool, (Greek?) way:

greekcolumnsthanks for never letting me get bored of discovering your secrets, NYC. you’re rad.
Sun, 9/20: went for a 2-3 mile walk in the morning to stretch the legs. felt GOOD and surprisingly not very sore at all!
Mon, 9/21: night workout in my gym after my grad school internship (i have clients now!): kettlebells, lateral & seated row machines, push-ups, planks. no legs.
Tues, 9/23: 5-mile run home from work last night. slow, a bit sore, but steady, so i felt good about it. however, i realize i reallllly prefer to run in the mornings. running after having food in my stomach during the day just isn’t optimal for me.
Wed, 9/23 (today): going to walk/jog the 5 miles home and then hopefully do a short gym sesh of upper body and abs. it’s amazinggggg out today, so i’m counting down the hours til i get outside!

also, on a workout-related note: i found a new tank top that i absolutely love and have been wearing on all my long runs lately (so maybe i should dub this my lucky shirt?! i’ll def be donning it come marathon morning!). surprisingly, it was a $10 tank from Forever 21 that i snagged when i was in SB for an extra shirt. it’s my new fave and i need to go back and get it in every color! (it’s also the shirt i’m wearing in my “weekly workouts” pic, aka my fave pic of me at the moment: their Burnout Athletic Racerback.

shirti ❤ everything about this tank.

happy running, runfriends!
happy everything else, everyone else. 🙂

Best run/workout from your work?
How’s marathon training going, those of you running fall races?
Tell me something you adore about Autumn!


11 thoughts on “weekly workouts {9/17-9/23}

  1. I really enjoy running on the West Side Highway and it’s where I did three of my long runs for marathon training. The Greek column structure is cool, isn’t it? I was just as surprised as you when I first encountered it.

  2. Yay!! I was so happy to hear about your super successful 23 mile run! You did amazing!!!! I myself didn’t quite go that far but 22 miles was my longest training run yet too so high fives all around! I think your marathon is the same day as mine. Fingers crossed for the best weather ever! 😀

  3. I have never been past the lighthouse. And the Cloisters have been on my list forever. Isn’t it awesome how marathon training forces you to get out of your normal running routine and go to places you’ve never been? So fun finding magical surprises in the city.

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