Friday Five: Five Favorite Fall Activities

writing that post title, i realllllly wanted to make the last word something with an “f” — the English major wordnerd in me loves some good alliteration. it took all that i had in me not to make it “fun” or “festivities” or “frivolities”!

well so hey, friends. we made it to the end of another week! & this week’s theme for the link-up with the DC ladies Mar, Cynthia & Courtney is a perfect one to end out this amazinggggg week of Fall weather we’ve had here in NYC. i just love these Indian Summer days!

ONE: running. er duh. i feel like that was a total no-brainer. early Autumn (Sept-Oct) is my absolute favorite time of year to run: crisp, clear mornings; humidity-less, breathable air; the bluest of skies offset by beautiful hues & everything tinged with gold. i swear, i run better in the fall than any other time of year (which is fortunate, since the marathon i’m running is in early October!).

TWO: being at the lake.
okay, so i adore the lake in the summer because boating & swimming & tanning & all that jazz, but its absolute loveliest season, in my opinion, is Autumn. (my cover photo for this week was taken there last September.) it’s an absolutely breathtaking, glorious season to bask in God’s glory through nature, and i’m always a bit more in love with Upstate NY — okay, so with the world in general — in early Fall.

IMG_1849 IMG_1850
apple picking / Harvest farms. i mean, does anyone not love this?! i’m going tomorrow with my best friend & co, and am so looking forward to it. i was talking to a friend recently who’d never been — like, ever in life — and it made me realize just how fortunate i am to have grown up in a place like Upstate NY, where we had a good balance of city experiences & alllll the outdoorsy/country activities as well.

FOUR: pumpkin.
i’m so blogger chick clichรฉ, i know, but it’s true: i’m a ga-ga over punkin’ errrthng sort of gal. i like to drink ’em, i like to eat ’em, i like to carve ’em, i like to ride them. they rock, in my book.

FIVE: Bear Mountain Oktoberfest Cruise. i went last year and it was suuuuch a great day. you take a boat cruise from Midtown Manhattan (i luck out — it’s literally right across the street from my apartment!) a couple of hours upstate to Bear Mountain, where they have a fun Oktoberfest going on every weekend in Sept & Oct, complete with music & drinks & vendors & hiking/walking around, if you so desire. i’m stoked to go again this year (the weekend after my marathon = perfectly timed!) and praying we get another gorgeous day. if you live in NYC and are looking for a fun fall activity, i definitely would consider doing this.

have a wonderful weekend (& do some fun Fall things)!

Fave Fall activities?
Runners: What’s the best season to run where you live?
Anyone have any pumpkin/apple recipes they swear by?


12 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Favorite Fall Activities

  1. love the colors of upstate NY…love picking apples and then making a pie – nothing tastes better.

    I will be in NYC 3 times in October:
    Oct 4 (with 11 friends), Oct 9 & 10 (Brooklyn Half) and Oct 30 & 31 (NYRR Dash to finish 5k). you should run the NYC Marathon!!

    • i’m so bummed the BK R&R race is the same wknd as the Mohawk Hudson, as i’ll be upstate running that! i’ll prob be upstate all 3 of those wknds, actually — but enjoy NYC!

  2. I want to go to that Oktoberfest! It sounds amazing. And I miss the colors of fall in the North. Coastal South Carolina doesn’t really get the changing leaves. The leaves change here, but they change late (December, January?) and don’t really turn those blazingly brilliant autumn colors.

    • the changing colors of New England is definitely a highlight in all of nature for me! i sometimes forget how fortunate i am to have grown up with this season. we’ll have to post a lot of pictures for you Southerners, then! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh you are speaking everything that is on my mind these days. I really wish we could get up to our lake house. I bet the colors are stunning right now. And this weather in September is amazing. I hope this is a prelude to what winter will be like! I was just telling Mary this morning that we are going to take her to the Bear Mountain Oktoberfest. I have never done the cruise but we always go for the fest and walk around the lake and visit the zoo. It will be Mary’s first time to see real bears ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh yes,and pumpkin beer!!

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