Autumn in NY (needs to stay forever)

so, this pretty  much sums up my weekend:

it was glorious. delicious. beautiful. fun-filled. colorful. downright Hundo P amazingness, from start to finish.

i ran: 14 miles of hills on a pristine, brilliant Saturday morning in upstate NY, where i had to wear long sleeves for the first 7 miles because it was only 50 degrees. the first hour of that run felt amazing; the second hour, although i was still happy to be out there, was not quiiiiite so runtastic. that’s what happens when the first half of a run is mostly downhill — you have to turn around at some point. oof.

i cuddled: this lil guy (that milk mustache!) can grin his way into my heart any day. and he now says my name — “Nawna” — and lights up when he recognizes me. i just melt. BFF baby, you too cute.

i danced: 
i finalllly made it to a Latin dance social upstate, which i used to attend all the time but haven’t showed my face at in moooonths. it was so much fun and i forgot how much i miss dancing! also, i discovered that there’s a whole salsa album of Michael Jackson’s hits (which my brother freaks out about every time). so dope.

i ate: the best apples. i unfortunately didn’t make it apple picking (insert sad face here) this weekend like i’d planned, but my family did, so i reaped the benefit of their hard work and had the best honey crisp apple ever (photo-worthy, obviously). i think those are my faves. & then Ry and i baked pies using our mom’s best Dutch apple pie recipe ever, and Autumn really felt like it should belong to New York for eternity.

i boated: we took the most magnificent Indian Summer boat ride yesterday and had a truly magical family day (until one of the dogs fell off into the lake and almost died of shock, which was hilarious except that she was a disaster and thought her life had ended):

& just like that, this weekend was everything an Autumn life in NY should be, at its very, very best.

Highlights from your weekend, please!
Is it Indian Summer where you live?


18 thoughts on “Autumn in NY (needs to stay forever)

  1. What an amazing place to be in the fall! I went a little further out west in NJ to go apple picking this weekend and I too ate the best honey crisp apple of my life! Yum yum! Great job on the 14 miles chica – two weeks to go. You got this! 😀

  2. I love everything about this post! Indian summer boat ride sounds so great. Rock and I were just saying that we are so excited to head out to NY in two weeks. We are there for the remainder of October and the start of November and we have decided to stay north of the city on the Hudson River for two weeks. I LOVE fall in NY!

    • ahhh i’m so excited for you guys to experience NY this time of year again! it’s my fave, too. what city/town will you be in?? i take that Amtrak upstate along the Hudson alllll the time to go home to Albany. have so much fun!!

      • We are staying in Peekskill. It never crossed our radar before but I remembered seeing a little motel right on the river and gave them a call and they gave us a great long term stay discount. I’ m psyched to be living pretty close to Stew Leonards!

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