2 Things Tuesday

ONE: morning love. in a world (and a city!) that has so many things with which to fall in love every day, today, i am in love with the sunrise.

this was absolutely worth the 5:30am wake up, to be out and running by 6am and see this sky blooming & blossoming before me at the tail end of my run along Chelsea Piers. definitely worth stopping in my tracks to capture & cherish.

oh, & the run felt absolutely amazing today, too. i’m really, really thankful i’m feeling so good at this stage in the game. aka race in less than 2 weeks! eeee!


TWO: creative writing. i’m doing more with my creative writing (aka my passion work) these days, and i wrote this for my BFF in honor of her baby’s first birthday two weeks ago & gave to her in a floating frame.

shawnamarie-jess-2the design aspect was handled by a talented friend…and hopefully you’ll be seeing more of this sort of thing in the (near) future. 🙂

Tell one (or two!) good things going on in your life lately!


11 thoughts on “2 Things Tuesday

  1. One of the perks of waking up each morning with a newborn at 5am is watching the sunrise each day (our living room windows face East). The colors lately have been amazing. I would love to see a sunrise in the big apple. It sure is beautiful there! I think NYC in the fall (or around Christmas) would be my favorite.

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