weekly workouts {9/24-9/30}

runSBerrr…so who stole the glorious September weather we were having up until the last few days? it was 98% humidity this morning when i went running at 6am. that shouldn’t be allowed to exist. like, utterly disgusting. i don’t care if it was 72 degrees — this was the worst humidity i’ve run in all summer and i looked — and felt — like i was running under water. i’m so over that.

Thurs, 9/24: ran 5 miles in the morning along the river
Fri, 9/25: morning strength/abs workout in my gym (kettlebells, free weights, planks, back machine)
Sat, 9/26: 14-mile hilly run upstate. the first half of this run felt amayyyzinggg; the second half a bit sluggish — oh right, that half was entirely uphill.  i walked about a mile of it altogether. still, it felt good to be outside on such a lovely morning!
Sun, 9/27: 1-mile run (so sore), 3 miles of a hilly speed walk.
Mon, 9/28: rest day. i watched The Voice & drank a lil red wine and it was lovely.
Tues, 9/29: awesome 6-miler at 6am. felt sooooo good, & i saw the sun rise. so lovely.

i then did an hour of kettlebells/free weights & abs last night in my gym after work, as i was feeling like i needed a good upper body workout. i’ve been staying away from any lower body stuff other than running the past 2 weeks, as my race is next week and i don’t want my legs to be even tighter/more sore!
Wed, 9/30 (how is today the last day of Sept already?! seriously, this month FLEW):
4 quick miles at 6am in the soupiest air ever. gross. but it felt good to sweat so much, in a weird way…after it was over. unfortunately, it’s super overcast so the sun never rose…but i felt awesome throughout the run, so it was a great start to my day. tapering seems to be liking me, thankfully.

i feel great about this past week of runs/workouts and hope i’m feeling this good next week, as it’s the final week before my race!! eeeeee!!

Has September been a good run month for you?
Anyone else clueless as to where this month went?!


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