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i’m joining up this week with Amanda @ Running with Spoons for the Thursday spill-sesh of a link-up that is:Thinking-Out-LoudONE: October 1st. gah. i feel like i had a nice, long, full summer with so many amazing trips & weekends & events…and then September, which is one of my fave months, zipped by in a snap. how is it October? and why is it so gray and gloomy in NYC? i love the idea of a beautiful, golden October, but the reality we’re having today of this new month’s beginning just isn’t working for me. September, come back. i loved you so. i think if i ever start a company i’m going to call it always september,” or “the september project” or something like that.  that’d make me happy. but anyway…i’m hoping October is amazing, all the same. i certainly have some awesome things lined up for this month, so i think i’m planning to love it.

& going along with that, when NYC finally gives in to all of the nuances of fall and sheds her summer skin, i always think of this quote:

screen-shot-2014-09-04-at-5-34-36-pmbecause there’s never a wrong time or place to squeeze in a lil Great Gatsby.

THREE: anyone else already excited about Halloween?? yes, i still dress up every year (and have no intention of stopping anytime soon). costume stores began popping up in NYC in September, and although i initially had my heart set on being a unicorn, i think imma scratch that and coerce a boy to dress up with me again — because that’s just way more fun & i love couple costumes. i have my eye on one that i wanted to be last year but that got vetoed in favor of the dalmatian/firefighter combo: a tooth & tooth fairy.

howwemadeiti just can’t take this, i love it so much!

this lightning strike one is too cute too:

lightning1who is this Julie Ann girl and how do i become her?!

if you guys have any great creative ideas, please send them my way!

FOUR: i ordered my first pair of high tops in yearssss yesterday. i think i’ve just been waiting for the “omg that’s them” pair to show up in my life, and i finally stumbled upon them and am hoping they look as good/fit as well as i’ve already decided they have to.

sneakscheers, Nike. i plan to wear you into the ground.

FIVE: i just discovered an Autumn-perfect tea: Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai.

happymart_products_111914__14i’m currently warming up with this as i type, and it’s totally hitting the spot. oddly enough, it’s also sort of making me want a pumpkin beer…but considering it’s 11am, i think that’ll have to wait til tonight. 🙂

SIX: a friend tagged me in this IG post this morning, and it’s definitely the best representation of this quote that i’ve seen. those are my kind of world-conquering shoes.

i’m running a marathon in 10 days. that’s all i have to say about that.

3343ed742da8180e750ea6e51fe3700e…for the better. for me, it has absolutely been changed for the better.

but that’s fodder for another post. a post-marathon reflection post, should i live to tell about it. 🙂

Something random from your lately life?
Halloween costume ideas, please!!


14 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Already bought that tea – pumpkin anything makes me love fall but it would be nicer if it were as sunny in October as it was in September.

  2. I easily spend half my October looking up creative couple costumes. My favorites from last year were: Jenny & Forest (Gump), Girl: dresses up as a “Coke” Guy: dresses up as “Jack Daniels” = Jack & Coke (plus if you carry the drink you dress up as, BOOM you have drinks all night)

    • thinking up fun costumes is my fave October pastime as well, i think! and yes, carrying drinks as part of your costume is a fun idea. i remember in college a group of the hippie boys were the Ghostbusters, and they had Camelbacks and guns filled with beer. so cute.

  3. I simply must have that chai!! I already have 2 boxes of pumpkin spice black tea though…LOL. I guess you can never have enough!

    I am running a Halloweenie half marathon so I seriously need to get it together and get a costume!!!

    • ahhh i want to run a weenie half! that’s so much fun! if i can think of something cute for you, i’ll swing it your way. maybe YOU should be a unicorn — they can run!

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