weekly workouts {10/1-10/7}

runSBit’s marathon week!

i’m not really thinking about too much else this week aside from the fact that i’m running 26.2 miles on Sunday — for the second time in my life, exactly two years to the day — but thankfully, i’m not nervous or jittery (yet!). i’m more at that “eeeee this is actually happening SO SOON & i feel good about it and am excited to see what the race ends up looking like for me and hopefully really enjoy it” phase.

someone asked me last night how i felt about it (because i think everyone close to me knows i’m one dimensional this week), and i said i was just trying to focus on how grateful i am to be healthy and strong enough to choose to want to do this — and i really mean that. that’s the mentality i’m trying to keep throughout this week, and hope those positive thoughts (& the prayers i hope all of you send my way!!) keep me uplifted & feeling fab going into this race.

*my week in workouts*
Thurs, 10/1: ran 3 miles, walked 1.
Fri, 10/2: morning gym session: kettlebells, free weights, planks, abs — anything but lower body
Saturday, 10/3: 10-mile hilly run upstate. my plan called for 8, but i’d previously decided i wanted a 10-miler as my final long training run. although i loosely based my training on a Hal Higdon plan, i definitely adapted it to what i thought worked best for me, which often meant changing both the # of days a week i’d run or the mileage. like anything in life, i think you have to be flexible and find what works for you. i knew that running 5 days a week was often too much on me as my mileage was building during my weekend long run, so i changed things up a bit.
Sun, 10/4: ran 3 miles, walked 2. i love my early mornings to myself upstate — it’s so beautiful & crisp & quiet at this time of year.
Mon, 10/5: rest. work + internship = long Monday = perfect rest day.
Tues, 10/6: 4-mile run home from work. felt pretty good.
Wed, 10/7 (today): planning to walk the 4 miles home and then do a light upper body + abs workout in my gym.

as much as i’m loving all this running, i’ll be stoked to get back into some harder total body workout routines again. i’ve put that to the side the last month because my legs & butt get so sore and it makes running tougher/more painful/slower, so it’ll feel good to weave those back into my weekly routines again.

hope you’re having a great week of healthy choices, friends! 🙂

PS – marathon prayers appreciated!! good luck to all my friends running races this coming weekend as well!


26 thoughts on “weekly workouts {10/1-10/7}

  1. I’ll be thinking of you. Maybe I’ll spectate but not sure what plans I have for Sunday.

    On Sat, I’ll be running 13.1 miles in Brooklyn.

    You should do the NYRR 5k on Oct 31!!

    • good luck and have a blast at the BK RnR! hope it’s amazing.
      i’m upstate that wknd for my brother’s birthday and Halloween, otherwise i’d love to run with you!

  2. Good luck at your race this weekend! I’m running Chicago on Sunday. Sending fresh legs thoughts your way 🙂

  3. Wow, you are such an inspiration–sending you positive thoughts for your race! I would like to do some more destination races (I’m doing the Rock n Roll half in Dallas this March), and one that I’ve looked into is the Brooklyn half!

    • thank you!! appreciate those good vibes. i’d like to do more destination races, too — R&R in Dallas sounds fab, and the BK Half is my fave race!! definitely let me know if you end up coming here for that!

  4. You have totally got this. Have a wonderful victory lap. I totally understand the desire to get into other workouts. Marathon training definitely does push that to the wayside. But it will feel great when you can switch it up again.

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