weekly workouts {10/15-10/21)

i’m so happy to report that my week of post-marathon recovery was…well, pretty darn amazing. i feel sooooo blessed that i didn’t have much soreness (or any pain at all) and was able to ease back into running rather easily! (note: all of my runs are outdoors. i refuse to get onto a treadmill until it’s absolutely frigid or snowing heavily…but let’s not discuss that yet. gah.)

Thurs, 10/15: first run since the marathon the previous Sunday: 4.6 miles & felt great!!
Frid, 10/16: 4 mile run & planks
Sat, 10/17: 10 mile run, and felt amazing!! hallelujahhhhh
Sun, 10/18: 6 miles (i have no idea how i’m feeling so awesome and rested but i’m literally rejoicing and running with it)
Mon, 10/19: rest. Mondays are my longest days, so lend well to being rest days. & by rest, i mean get home late & settle on the couch for red wine + phone date + The Voice. (“these are a few of my faaaavorite thingssss” when i’m not running. :))
Tues, 10/20: 5.5 mile night run — first night run in a while, and it went really well. thankfully, it was a balmy 65 degrees at 8pm. loving this.
Wed, 10/21 (today): finally added a strength session back into the routine — did an hour of kettlebells/free weights/back machines/planks & other abs before work this morning.

i know it might seem like i jumped back into running too much too soon after the marathon, but honestly, i didn’t have any pain and am not pushing myself to run fast and absolutely am listening to my body and monitoring how i feel and have zero intentions of doing anything that doesn’t feel good.

having said that, i’m praying the forecast of rain for this coming Sunday is a fluke, because i’m really looking forward to running my first trail race: the Hairy Gorilla Half in Upstate, NY. the course looks so beautiful — i mean, just look at these shots:


happy running & working it out, friends!

Best run/workout this week?
Anyone have a race coming up?Ever run a trail race? yay/nay?


17 thoughts on “weekly workouts {10/15-10/21)

  1. Wow, I’m impressed with your post-marathon running!! You’re doing AWESOME! I’ve had a few tweaks to sort out since but nothing major. Can’t believe your running a half already! It looks awesome though. If it was Saturday not Sunday I’d probably go run it with you cuz I’d love to run a fun trail race. Have fun this weekend!! 🙂

  2. You should get back in when you feel ready and your body wants you to. So good for you for listening. Looks like you were totally ready. I LOVE trail races. I did one up Bear Mountain and also one in Tarrytown on the Rockefeller estate. I bet you will fall in love with it!

  3. I think you did a great job recovering and listening to your body. I typically run two days after a marathon. Nothing crazy, just get the legs moving. You did great! I am pacing a half and running a marathon soon. Then, RECOVERY! WOOOOOHOOOO! I plan on getting back to trail running (you mentioned that), and getting back to some cross training. And lots of pole dancing. Ha.

    • thanks, girl — appreciate the encouragement! i felt like my body was so ready for what i did, and i didn’t push myself so nothing hurt. good luck pacing your half (woot!) and with your full! so jealous of your pole expertise! 🙂

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