Friday Five: What I’m Loving Lately

linking up with the lovely DC ladies Mar, Cynthia & Courtney for this week’s Friday Five Link-up with a fun, totally wide-open-for-interpretation theme:

not gonna lie, keeping this post to 5 things is going to be ridiculously tough for me because i have that “omg i love everything” personality…but i’mma try my best and choose 5 things i’m really into lately. (b/c let’s be honest, you don’t need me to sit here and remind you how much i love running & my family &  the lake & traveling now, do you?) 🙂

ONE: wearing – my Asics. (i have the Gel-DS Trainer 20 Flash) seriously, these babies have been total run-saviors & game changers for me. i’m so thankful i got fitted into these and can see myself sticking with Asics indefinitely.

watching – Scandal.
soooo, yeah — i’ve officially joined the ranks of the Netflix-obsessed. i’ve never been a TV person (unless you count the shows where people sing and dance — i like a good talent), but Scandal has rendered me a lost cause. i am powerless in the grips of Miss Olivia Pope and that sexy president guy. i’ve lately developed a nightly routine lately of eating dinner on my yoga mat on my bedroom floor and stretching while drinking red wine and watching this show. & that is my new idea of a perfect evening.

listening to – Borns.
i am obsessssed with him/his band. i saw him in concert last week at Williamsburg Music Hall (really hip little intimate venue, totally dug it) and was absolutely blown away by this amazing, quirky weirdo of a super talented human being. not only did he have one of my all-time fave oldies songs playing over the system as he walked on stage (“Flower Girl” by the Cowsills — do yourself a favor and look that up), but his voice is insaaane & his music has such an oldies influence (which i LOVE) and he closed with “Bennie and the Jets” as an encore. like, this guy is unreal. i’m physically incapable of ceasing to listen to his new album Dopamine 24/7. amazing. listen to: Seeing Stars, Holy Ghost, Dug My Heart.

FOUR: observing – my city.
in all its many-splendored October glory. this was the view on my walk home last night:

tsi don’t care what NYers say/think about Times Square — it’s all magical here to me. every single neighborhood has something to captivate & enthrall.

FIVE: excited about — going home this weekend. there’s a boy i’ve been waiting two weeks to see, and my very first trail race (so long as it doesn’t pour), and my lovely family and a beautiful lake and always only wonderful things to be had. i don’t care how magical NYC is — it will never keep me from being the very most thankful for everything i have at home.

have a wonderful weekend, friends! and oh, just because i love this, i’ll leave you on this note:inspirational-travel-quoteWhat do you love lately?
Any other Scandal fiends?

Anyone racing this weekend?


20 thoughts on “Friday Five: What I’m Loving Lately

  1. Good Luck. Rain is supposed to end by morning. Fingers crossed. I’m not a TV person but everyone else loves Scandal.

    Loving the fall colors.

  2. I’m in LOVE with our fall colored trees! So much red and orange! Never seen scandal… shame. I know. I’m racing in TWO weekends!! NOV 7th it’s the RnR down in Savannah! Have a beautiful weekend lady and enjoy the trail race. I’ve ran a few and love them so much that my first ultra in Nov is going to be a 50k trail race. I love how zero pressured to run fast they are. just enjoy the nature. 🙂

    • i can’t believe you’re doing a 50K trail race!! you’re amazing. can’t wait to read about it! i unfortunately didn’t get to run mine b/c it was raining and i wasn’t feeling that, but hopefully i’ll do one again sometime.

  3. Have a wonderful weekend. I think the forecast will work your way. Looks like the rain will end early. Should make for a great run! I am in love with Asics too. I discovered them not too long ago and I too think they are game changers. Enjoy!

  4. I LOVE NYC. And with it being such a short train ride away, I try and get into the City as much as possible. Definitely a perk being in Connecticut! And Scandal is next on my Netflix list!!! Now all I need are a few dreary days so I don’t feel THAT guilty whilst bingeing. 😉

    • i keep saying i need to get on the train and explore a few little cities in CT too, as i’ve heard such good things about Stamford and Greenwich. you will have to let me know if you’re in NYC sometime and have time to grab a drink or coffee! haha yes i agree with the bad weather = guiltless TV seshes.

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