Weekend Recap {Hello, November}

how was everyone’s Halloween weekend? mine was busy & fun & full of lovely people, so i can’t ask for a whole lot more than that. except, ya know, maybe a 7 day weekend. that’d be nice right about now. although i am loving the fact that it’s supposed to be 60-70 degrees every day this week here…not bad at allll for November in NY!

as much fun as Halloween is for me, it’s overshadowed by something much more important, as November 1st happens to be my favorite person’s birthday — my brother. we make big deals out of birthdays in my family and i was so happy to be able to celebrate him all weekend.

yesterday we birthday-brunched at New World Bistro (one of our favorite restaurants in Albany, NY), and that right there is a mason jar cheesecake. because everything looks/tastes better in mason jars, amiright?

so, Halloween! i love dressing up, and seeing everyone else all decked out. time for the big costume unveiling (unless you follow me on IG @glitterstruck, then you already know!): the boy and i were a deer & hunter combo.

IMG_8512& that, my friends, is by far the creepiest face i’ve ever made in my life.

deeroh, deer. 😉

Ry’s bday/Halloween party was an absolute blast, full of fun people, great costumes, soooo much yummy food, salsa dancing, ping pong, Cards Against Humanity, and lots of laughs.

IMG_8506we like headbands in our family, on holidays & every day.

girlsthe ladies.

in other wonderful family news, i discovered that my dog wants to carry on the family legacy and take up running. she was pretty subtle about it.

mokai left my sneakers by the door after my Saturday morning long run and she neatly nestled herself between them and camped out for a bit. i think she was feeling guilty about the time last summer when i tried to make her walk a half a mile in the heat and she made me carry her home (aka laid down on the side of the road and refused to budge). yellow is clearly her color, too.

i feel like i could use another weekend to do nothing but sleep, but i know i really can’t complain after such a great couple of days at home. hope you all had wonderful weekends!

Did you dress up? If so, what were you?
Best costume you saw this year?
Something you’re looking forward to in November?


15 thoughts on “Weekend Recap {Hello, November}

  1. Oh my word. You’re too cute. I’m super boring and did not dress up. Never do. My kid was a gorilla though lol and our pooch takes up running. Until she gets lazy then just lays down in the grass lol

  2. OMG that make up though… killed it. I love the couples costume. I’m not sure I could convince Will to dress up with me, but if I do, it would have to be something pretty hilarious 🙂

  3. Nov 1 actually happens to be my favorite day of the year… Because it’s your brother’s birthday too – LOL actually, I don’t know your bro… BUT… I can pretend?

    Really though I love NOV 1 because I detest Halloween… So the day after, the day when all the Halloween crap can go in the garbage, I am thrilled! And we can all focus on more important things. Like Thanksgiving. Duh! lol

    • haha yes you can totally celebrate my bro’s bday from afar. 🙂 i agree, Thanksgiving is definitely way more important…although i can’t help but love dressing up!

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