weekly workouts {10/29-11/4}

i’m so stoked to report that it’s been in the 60s and 70s (!!!!) here the past week, so outdoor running has continued to be all sorts of amazing! we’ve been so fortunate this fall and i don’t know how i’m going to adjust to running in freezing temps in a couple of months…but let’s not dwell on that, mmmmkay??

Thurs, Oct 29: 5.5 miles at night
Fri, Oct 30: 4 miles in the morning
Sat, Oct 31: 10 miles (hilly run upstate)
Sun, Nov 1: 3 slow miles upstate (woof this was a rough one, i just was noooot feeling anything besides napping but forced myself to move at least a little)
Mon, Nov 2: rest. exhaustion.
Tues, Nov 3: 8 mile run after work on an incredibly GORGEOUS evening. it was 70 degrees at 5pm, and the sky was incredible:
IMG_8527fun fact: my office building is nestled in that downtown cluster along the water.
this was an amazing run, the sort that you wish would just go on forever, and i felt all sorts of happy with my life last night.
Wed, Nov 4 (today): 75 minute total-body workout in the gym this morning: kettlebells, free weights, back machine, abs (planks & decline bench), lots of squats & lunges & all that good stuff.

total weekly mileage: 30.5

thoughts: i feel really great and totally pain-free post-marathon a few weeks ago, and i’m hopeful i can keep my mileage up to a good weekly base when the cold continues to roll in. i’m feeling really strong & happy about my running lately and would love to continue to push myself to take on more miles and see how i feel.


9 thoughts on “weekly workouts {10/29-11/4}

  1. I know. Isn’t this weather awesome?! Do you know how to skate? The rink in Central Park has Monday morning fitness classes that require basic skating abilities. But they do really cool core exercises and stuff. I thought you might enjoy trying it out. It’s awesome there this time of year.

    • ahhhh that sounds amazing, thanks for letting me know, lady! i DO know how to skate and really enjoy it, and have skates — but unfortunately i have clients on Mon nights til 8pm so won’t be able to make it. bummer!

  2. This weather has been amazing for outdoor running! I’ve been dreading the upcoming cold too, but I just try not to think about it either. I’ll deal when it gets here :-/ That picture is so amazing!! Love it!

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