weekly workouts {11/5-11/12}

Thurs, 11/5: 5.5 mile run at 6am
Fri, 11/6: rest.
Sat, 11/7: 8 mile morning run — 3.5m solo, 4.5m with the boytoy.
Sun, 11/8: light gym sesh (with boy) in my building: kettlebells, abs, free weights
Mon, 11/9: 5 mile run home from work, during which i literally ran into one of my friends and kept pace with him & his speedy long legs for the last couple of miles. it was nice to have someone push me a bit.
Tues, 11/10: worked out in my room while watching Scandal (omg i can’t stop with that show): lots of free weights, squats & 10 mins of planks (with breaks but still happy about that!)
Wed, 11/11: i was off for Veteran’s Day (thank you to everyone who served/serves this country and keeps us safe!), so i ran a lovely 10-miler mid-day. glorious.
Thurs, 11/12 (i’m a day behind on this post so i’ll include today’s workout): 6-7am personal boot camp sesh in an entirely empty gym (love it): total body, including free weights, kettlebells, lots of lunges/squats/burpees/skaters, lateral & row machines, decline bench abs, & push-ups. this felt so good today.

total weekly mileage: 28.5
i just want to run all the time, every day. forcing myself to do the total body workouts/weights is a bit of a struggle vs my desire to run as much as i can (while the weather is still so nice here), although i’m always glad i do them. i’m still on a post-marathon running high exactly one month later and am so thankful for that. 🙂


13 thoughts on “weekly workouts {11/5-11/12}

  1. The struggle is real, sister. I want to run all day everyday but my body is like ummmm can you please stretch and strengthen me? I do feel like I get the strengthening from the pole classes which is good because I suck at lifting! You killed it this week. Rockstar status. Jealz of your 10 miler midday because you were off! Good for you for enjoying the day.

  2. can I just say how much I admire your strength work?! That’s seriously a weakness of mine because of exactly what you said – I much prefer to run 🙂 But seriously I wish some of your strength training habits would just rub off on me. I only do it once a week and that’s because it’s part of my Orangetheory workouts lol

  3. Me too. I just want to run. Exercising is always second choice and I just don’t do it

    I’m excited. Bringing the hubby to the Big Apple on Sunday – high line & Lord of the Dance on Broadway.

    Then on Dec 13, I’m coming back with her sisters. No plans. Will you be in town?

    • you’re down in NYC the most of anyone i know upstate! good for you. i know you love it here and being in the city with the hubs will be wonderful. Dec 13th wknd i should be around as of now – maybe we can link up!

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