weekly workouts {11/12-11/18}

hellllooooo friends — yep, i’m still here. i’m still working & interning & running & wine drinking & seeing friends & dating & sleeping when i can. i’m managing to keep my head on and enjoy myself in the midst of all the busy-ness lately, but my blogging has clearly suffered!

i’ll try to do better. i want to do better. i miss you guys!

so, before we get into the weekly workouts post, i have something else to share that i’m excited about: i’m trying to write more. like, my personal writing — my creative writing — my memoirs. i want to be more diligent about using my Contributor position at Mogul to hold me accountable to to sharing these pieces with the world, and i’d love for you guys to read me (if you so desire) and get to know me a bit better in this way, through my words.

because the only thing i do that rivals my love for running is my writing. it resides at my very core.

i just posted my latest piece yesterday: Why I Still Wear His Jewelry (after the love ran out). it’s a memoir; it’s personal; it’s part of my story. if you want to read me, i’d love that! and if not, that’s okay, too — i still like you. 🙂 and you can just read about my week in workouts instead!


Thurs, 11/12: total body morning workout – kettlebells, weights, abs, squats, etc. (also included in last week’s lineup b/c i was a day off!)
Fri, 11/13:
my first treadmill run in a while (insert half-bummed face). i don’t love it, but it could have been worse, and i managed 5 quick miles. the pros: easier for speed work and monitoring my pace. the cons: i’m on a treadmill, indoors, hamster-running. ’nuff said.
Sat, 11/14: 3.5 mile outdoor run solo, then the boy met me for another 3 miles. chilly, but so much better than Friday.
Sun, 11/15: 5 mile outdoor run solo. glorious day. felt awesome. loved it.
Mon, 11/16: rest day. worked 12 hours. was tired.
Tues, 11/17: early morning total body workout, which felt soooooo amazing and necessary. lots of kettlebells, free weights, abs, shoulders & back, and all the lunges/squat jumps/burpees/box jumps/skaters between sets. i need to do this twice a week…but i just love to run so much lately!
Wed, 11/18 (today): 6 miles along the Hudson this morning. it’s mid-November and still 50 degrees at 6am in NYC. i have zero complaints about life at the moment.

total weekly mileage: 22.5
this is less than i’d have liked — i didn’t do any double-digit runs this past week — but i’m okay with it, because i enjoyed each and every mile and did what i could. my days are much more hectic now that i have so many things to juggle, and i’m just thankful i’m finding the time to run as much as possible.

 How’s the running been, now that most of our fall marathons are over?
Anyone still training for anything?
Treadmill running: yay or nay?


9 thoughts on “weekly workouts {11/12-11/18}

  1. yes. Have a half in Fl on Dec 6 and Feb 7.

    Had a great day in the city on Sunday.

    Coming back to NYC on Dec 13. Put it on your calendar.

  2. So..I just read your article. WOW, it brought tears to my eyes and touched a deep part of my soul that I cannot put into words. So much so that I went into my jewelry box and pulled out a ring from a past love that I tucked away, yet knew I would NEVER get rid of like I had past relationship gifts. For every word you wrote I related to and while I do not miss “him” or the relationship, it was my biggest stepping stone and for that I will NEVER forget the memories and lessons associated with my ring.

    OK, mush aside, right now I am all about the treadmill because it’s like 30F outside. HA.

  3. Great job this week! I am in my recovery period right now, so no training! But I did run today for the first time in 10 days with no calf pain, yay!!!! And NAY TO TREADMILL RUNNING. I do it only during desperate times!

  4. LOVE your article… I wear some jewelry from past boyfriends and I wear it because I love IT not them. I think Will has a hard time understanding that, but I agree – without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today 🙂

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