Friday Five: Let’s Talk Cocktails

this week, the DC ladies (Mar, Courtney & Cynthia) have chosen a “drink me” theme for their Friday Five Link-Up and are focusing on their favorite fall drinks. i decided to spin this topic a bit and give you guys a list of some of my favorite spots to go in NYC, and what i like to order there…even though it’s been some time since i’ve ordered anything that wasn’t red wine! i’ve been sticking to just wine lately and enjoying that…but these are some crazy good craft cocktails all the same.


1. Bea (Hell’s Kitchen: 43rd St & 9th Ave). drink: Brooklyn Cue.


i’ve written about this place before, as it’s an easy favorite of mine, and conveniently located right in my neighborhood. i love everything about it — the impressive cocktail list is just one of its many appeals. can’t go wrong with this spot, regardless the occasion.


2.  Apoteke (Chinatown: 9 Doyers St). drink: Deal Closer.

this is my favorite speakeasy in terms of their drink menu, so it was a bit of a struggle even to choose my top fave drink here (as there’s a kale concoction that’s sooooo good as well). i’m a sucker for cucumber drinks as it is, and this one is the best i’ve found here to date. plus, this speakeasy is just such a cool bar. a must-go.

3. Dear Irving (Union Square: 55 Irving Place). drink: Ideal Patriot


this drink strikes me as an ideal fall cocktail, with its cinnamony warmth and apple flavor. i rarely drink bourbon, but i was a big fan of this drink (and now am feeling like i should get myself back to this gorgeous speakeasy and have it again soon!).

4. Reunion Surf Bar (Hell’s Kitchen: 44th St and 9th Ave). drink: Mermaid.


aka, a frozen mojito. this is the only way i’ll drink rum, and although i’m not much of a frozen drink fan, these drinks can be made to order (ie, less sweet, lots of mint), and, well — they’re called Mermaids, sooooo….yeah.

i am always happy in a surf bar, winterspringsummerfall. love it.

5. Wine Escape (Hell’s Kitchen, 44th St between 9th & 10th Aves)
drink: all the red wine

because i couldn’t make it through this post without including red wine, since it’s my fave. i love this quaint, intimate little wine bar with its ever-changing wine-by-the-glass menu, and the bartenders are super knowledgeable and really enjoy talking to you about the different wines. it’s the perfect little spot at which to relax and tuck away from the world, and it’s great for real wine lovers who want to sit down and talk about wine with people who are evidently passionate about it.

so, there you have it, friends — drink picks from some of my fave bars in my city. hope you enjoy whatever fall cocktails might be in your future this weekend!

TGIF! Any fun weekend plans?
Anyone still doing long runs?
i’m thinking of doing 12-13 tomorrow, while it’s still lovely out!


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