weekly workouts {11/19-11/25}

Thurs, 11/19: 5 mile run
Fri, 11/20: i think i rested but i honestly can’t really remember. i went out Thursday night to a work event, so probably rested. let’s go with that.
Sat, 11/21: 11 mile run; 4 minutes of planks; all the stretching. felt sooooo good.
Sun, 11/22: 6 mile early run (before spending the day with my BFF!)
Mon, 11/23: rest. drank a lil too much wine Sunday night while watching Scandal in bed and couldn’t get up. whoops.
Tues, 11/24: hour + of total body workout: kettlebells, free weights, back machines, planks, inclines, all sorts of lunges/squat jumps etc. really good workout (from which i’m quite sore today…that oh-so-good sore!).
Wed, 11/25 (today): 3.5 mile treadmill run; 5 minutes of planks. hips are so sore from yesterday.

total weekly mileage: 25.5. more than last week, thanks to the 11-miler.
thoughts: i really don’t want to give in and run on the treadmill much this winter. this morning’s quick run wasn’t the worst, but i just don’t feel like i’m getting as good of a workout on a treadmill (or enjoying it as much), so i need to better prepare myself for the cold-and-dark run combo that will be my winter running life. overall, i feel like i had a good run week, but wish i hadn’t taken Friday off from working out. aka, going out on a weeknight is not in my life plan anymore. 🙂

on a totally different note…Happy Thanksgiving Eve, my lovely friends.
anyone running a Turkey Trot tomorrow? the boyfriend & i are doing the Troy Turkey Trot 10K together bright-n-early, so i’m really looking forward to that. i swear i didn’t choose him just b/c he likes to run with me… 😉


travel safe, be healthy & stay thankful, friends. ❤

What are your Thanksgiving plans?
Anyone else turkey trotting? Where at?
For what are you thankful this year?


7 thoughts on “weekly workouts {11/19-11/25}

  1. BOYFRAAANNN!!! YUUSS! You’re probably running as I write this, but I am currently sipping coffee, waiting for my morning movements to ensure carefree running for my 10K in 2 hours.

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