weekly workouts {11/26-12/2}

IMG_8360just looking at that photo is making me nostalgic for summer running!

Thurs, 11/26 (Thanksgiving!): 10K Troy Turkey Trot with the boyfriend. first race i’ve during which i’ve ever had stomach problems (worst feeling); otherwise it was great, and i love running with my man (who happens to be a naturally fantastic runner).
Fri, 11/27: hilly 9-miler — felt good for most of it, but my legs were pretty tired and sore by the end. i haven’t done those hills in a few weeks and they burned a bit!
Sat, 11/28: morning gym sesh with the boy at the gym near his house: i did several back machines (rows & laterals), biceps/shoulders with free weights, box jumps, squat jumps, jumping lunges (yep my legs were sore for like…oh wait they still are); 7 minutes of elbow planks. pretty good strength session and love working out with him.
Sun, 11/29: quick 3-miler before church. stomach was upset yet again. that needs to stahhhhhp.
Mon, 11/30: rest. that is the Monday usual as of late.
Tues, 12/1: 4 mile morning treadmill run (boo rain), followed by 50 decline bench crunches & 5 mins of elbow planks
Wed, 12/2 (today): 6-mile drizzly (but 50 degree!) run at 6am. i had my first “omg wait am i being safe??” NYC moment in a whiiiiile, as i generally think i’m always safe and nobody wants to kidnap or harm me…but it was 6am and i was exhausted and it was pitch black & drizzly and i suddenly thought about that girl who was attacked running at night on the East Side last week (and convinced myself that couldn’t happen on the West Side) as i was about to run my regular route along the piers…and i decided maybe running the piers wasn’t the best idea today. i chose to stay near the cars. & nobody stole me. phew.

and then i did 3 minutes of planks in the gym (because PLANKS, always).

total weekly mileage: 28. happy enough with that.

Best workout of your week?
Do you ever get nervous running in the dark?
i rarely do, as i run in the dark often, but felt a bit uneasy at points this morning & stayed closer to civilization!


10 thoughts on “weekly workouts {11/26-12/2}

  1. That was scary. Rock and I were just talking about that and how we have done long runs down there quite a bit. About 4 years ago I left work on a Friday at 6pm and it started snowing. I ran from the rink to the East Side and started running along the boardwalk to Carl Schurz. I was literally the only person around and could tell it had been that way for awhile because there were no shoe prints in the snow. It was both spooky and awesome. I did pop onto 1st Ave though for the rest of my run.

    • “it was both spooky and awesome” — such a perfect description. there’s something so empowering and amazing about having that “one person against the big city” feeling of being out there alone…but then that’s tempered by the reality that unfortunate things do happen and we need to be smart.

  2. I don’t usually get nervous running in the dark, but in the spring I was finishing a tempo run on a trail and it got dark. I know the trail like the back of my hand but still – make me feel nervous! Nice job this week!

  3. I definitely get nervous running in the dark if I’m alone. That’s why I generally avoid it! For solo runs during the week, I tend to resort to the treadmill once I can no longer fit it in during daylight. Great job this past week by the way! I’ve been having stomach issues since Thanksgiving but it’s my own fault – I really need to get my nutrition back on track!

    • thanks girl! hope your stomach feels better — mine’s been so iffy all week as well, starting with Thanksgiving morning of all times! i’m dreading having to get back to the treadmill this winter and trying to brave the dark as long as possible.

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