Friday Five: Five Dream Vacations

i am an incurable, undeniable wanderlust soul. my dream job has always been to be a travel writer and traipse around the globe exploring and writing about all of the fantastic places this great big world has to offer. i spend a good deal of my time dreaming about traveling and looking up places online, as i’m sure a lot of you do as well.

therefore, i really love the DC ladies’ theme for this week’s Friday Five Linkup (thanks, Mar, Cynthia & Courtney!):

however, i’m totally going to dig back into RTA archives for this post, for as soon as i read this week’s theme, i knew i’d written a post about my dream vacas before. turns out it was part of a “10 Days of You” challenge i did in May 2014, and after just reading the post now, i can totally confirm that those 6 places are still riding high at the top of my list. man, i need to get traveling!

so, i’m essentially just pasting 5 of those places from that post. hey, if it ain’t broke, right?

1. Greek islands. i’ve been saying for years that this is my #1; the pinnacle of my wanderlusting list. i’ve heard such amazing things about Santorini (and Mykonos) that it’s become a sort of other-worldly place in my mind, and if a plane touched down in front of me rightthissecond and the pilot said “choose one place immediately,” off to Santorini i would be.


2. Croatia. i’ve heard this country has some crazy gorgeous beaches and some seriously amazingly clear bluegreen water. my brother went two summers ago on his two-month jaunt around Europe and came back telling me i’d love it here (second to Greece).


Bora Bora. not sure i’ve ever seen more beautiful water than in pix of this place. definitely tops the chart for my idea of a relaxing vacation. i’d just have to go with someone i realllllly like…and bring a lot of books and bikinis. this is pretty much my idea of Heaven, unplugged.

Costa Rica. i feel like half the people i know have been here and everyone raves about it, and since i’m a majorly wannabe surfer and have heard this is a sweet surf haven of a ziplining, jungly beachy rainforesty place known for lovely waterfalls, i’m pretty sure i should see it. asap.

5. The Amalfi Coast, Italy. noticing a pattern? i’m entirely obsessed with amazing water and coastal towns and a beach life. sure, i’d love to go everywhere, but these otherworldly, romantic oceany charming picturesque places just captivate me so.

Photograph by Anzenberger-Fink, Anzenberger/Redux

well shoot, that was five and i didn’t even get to mention Maldives or New Zealand or wine tasting in the south of France…this whole choosing favorites thing is tough.
& now please excuse me while i spend my weekend ocean-dreaming and vacation-planning.
What’s at the top of your list?
Been to any of my wish-list places? Tell me about them please!!

13 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Dream Vacations

  1. Oh my gosh. These pics are incredible. My brother is getting married in February in Aruba. Talk about beautiful water and beaches. The island is so small and safe that you can run just about everywhere. Talk about best of both worlds for us!

    • i loooooove Aruba — one of my fave islands i’ve been to! have such an amazing time. the boyfriend wants to go to an island this winter b/c he hasn’t been to many so maybe we’ll end up there too. 🙂

      • We stay at this incredible all inclusive that has rooms that walk right out onto the beach. I have never stayed at a place quite like it and the resort is connected to another so there is beach for miles.

  2. What gorgeous places to dream about. I can attest to Costa Rica being incredible – I spent two weeks backpacking there on my honeymoon! Amazing place to visit. I would love to go to Italy or to the Maldives, or South Africa when I win the lottery in a few years. 🙂

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