weekly workouts {12/3-12/9}


Thurs, 12/3: ran 4 miles home from work
Fri, 12/4: hour of strength and abs in the gym before work
Sat, 12/5: ran 6-7 miles outside (half solo, half with boy)
Sun, 12/6: ran 8 miles outside solo; 10 mins of planks
Mon, 12/7: hour of strength and abs in the gym before work (mostly upper body with a few lunges/burpees thrown in – my legs were pretty sore). i’ve put clapping push-ups (off a bench) back into the circuit, so that was my big strength highlight of the week. i know, i know, getting crazy over here.
Tues, 12/8: 3.5 miles on the treadmill (ugh); 3 minutes of planks
Wed, 12/9 (today): rest, due to the fact that last night was our annual work holiday party and i definitely needed to sleep in today (and have four hours of client sessions tonight!). the bad news is that i’m sort of dragging today; the good news is that this is my biggest event of the year to plan and this year’s went soooooo smashingly and is getting rave reviews and everyone at the office is beyond thrilled, so even though i’m a tired girl, i’m a happy one.

total weekly mileage: 22.

thoughts: i’d have preferred to have a few more miles under my belt this week, but my hips/legs were rather sore for a few days, so i’m okay with this. i’m glad about the two circuit workouts and all the planks, though, so it all balances out, and i’m enjoying my one day a week of running with the boy. 🙂

How’s your December running going?
Any fun workout stories/tips to share?


7 thoughts on “weekly workouts {12/3-12/9}

    • i hate that about Winter, how the mileage seems to scale back even when we don’t want it to b/c it’s just so not fun outside! i try to run through as much of the miserable weather as i can but there are days i just can’t do it either. sometimes i think i should get back into cycling a bit…maybe for the winter i’ll add some classes in.

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