Friday Five: Holiday Wishlist


so, i’m going to be totally honest: when i first saw this week’s link-up theme from our wonderful DC hosts Mar, Courtney & Cynthia, i thought i might sit this one out. not that there’s anything wrong with posting a wish list — i mean, we all have them, right? — i just felt a bit funny doing that, because quite honestly, i have everything i could ever want or need and then some. my life really is full to overflowing, and i mean that in the best way possible.

but then i realized, what if i just change it up a bit — nobody said this had to be a list about material things. the heart of the holiday season really revolves around all the warmth & love & all good things we share with one another anyway, and gifts are just an expression of that. so for my Friday Five, i’ve decided to list 5 things i’m wishing for this Christmas season — for myself and/or for others — that can’t be wrapped up and tied with a bow.

ONE: lots of quality family time. if you’ve been hanging around RTA for a bit, you know how obsessed i am with my family and how close the four of us are. i’m fortunate to be able to take the week of Christmas off work and go home for 9 days this year, which will definitely be the longest stretch i’ve been home in a while, and i can’t wait. family time at our house looks like homemade dinners & brunches, playing cards, trips to the farmer’s market & Target, watching at least one Christmas movie (my vote is The Family Stone), drinking wine together, and going out to dinner at one of our fave family spots at least once. oh, and lots of play time with the pups. we’re infatuated with our three dogs.


TWO: some great runs/workouts. and not just for me, before you start thinking i’m getting all selfish on you. 🙂 while it’s no secret i love my solo runs, last year my dad & i went for a run together on Christmas morning, and i have thought about that morning so many times throughout the year. we have a real bond through our running and it was so special to get out there with him and run his route upstate. my brother & i also make a point to go to the gym together a few times while i’m home, and i always look forward to that as well.


THREE: health & safety for those i love. because who doesn’t want that, at this time of year and always? i pray for that for my loved ones every morning, and i’m praying for a safe & healthy & lovely holiday season from start to finish.

FOUR: rest, refreshment & rejuvenation. sleep. write. read. pray. enjoy great conversations with my favorite people over glasses of wine in sweats on the couch. cuddle. linger. laugh. just be. i can’t wait for all of these things that make my soul so centered and content.Photo(10)

FIVE: all the time with the boy. we don’t live in the same city, so i’m stoked to be near him for a good stretch of time, and to have someone special in my life this year at Christmas who makes me the happiest. 🙂

What’s on your wish list this year?


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