2 Things Tuesday

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ONE: Athleta gives back — and you can score big on this sale while doing so as well! so, i literally juuuust ordered two pairs of Athleta leggings off of Schoola, a charity shopping site dedicated to funding the arts in schools, for under $50 total. yes, they’re brand new, not second-hand, and yes, this is for real.


how? well, Athleta recently donated thousands of items to sell at 60% off on this site — all brand new, with tags on — with 40% of the proceeds going to the Malala Fund, which supports girls’ education endeavors worldwide. it’s definitely worth checking out!

TWO: running. i think i’m pretty overdue for a running update, hmm? well, it hasn’t been the easiest lately, i have to admit. i had one good, long hilly 12-miler upstate over Christmas break, and everything else has been 7 miles or shorter since then. the past 2 weeks, one of my legs has been giving me all sorts of annoying issues: started with calf pain/strain, then i’m sure i changed my gait to try to compensate for that and my IT band got aggravated, and now the whole leg is just a bundle of nervous twinges and aches. not the best, so i’m trying to rest it and keep my runs shorter at the moment. i did 6-7 on Saturday and it was sort of rough, and only made it 2 last night before changing to incline walking. it was 10 degrees and windy here, so i was forced to resort to the treadmill.

let’s hope this takes care of itself soon, b/c i’m SO over it and need to get back into better runs again. on a positive note, though, i find that i am enjoying running with the boy when he’s in town, so this largely solo runner can apparently become a partner-running convert.

i didn’t get into the NYC Half in March (boo!), but i want to keep up my running as if i’m training for a half all the time anyway. maybe i’ll find another winter race to run.

mostly i’m just trying to stay positive and not let myself get frustrated if my mileage goes down a bit in the chilly weather, and just be grateful for the ability to keep working out and being healthy. let’s go, 2016.


Any Athleta fans? Do you have any of their tights? these will be my first pairs and i have high hopes!
Anyone running winter races?


9 thoughts on “2 Things Tuesday

  1. Yes, there’s a half marathon I’m running at the end of this month, called Too Cold to Hold. Running weather down here lately has been perfect! Temps in the 40s today.
    Love those leggings! I need to check out Athleta.

    • of course you’re going from back-to-back fulls right into a half, you amazing gal! this is my first experience with Athleta too, and i couldn’t pass up the price and chance to help them give back. i’ll letcha know how they fit!

  2. run all the time…and it’s colder up here. Just signed up for Celebrate Life Half on Mar 13. I need to have something to train for.

    Happy New Year.

    • haha you and your smart play-on-word comments, i love it. thanks, girl — i think it’s nothing a little rest or super slow running can’t fix. and i need to have more dates with my foam roller for suuuure. hope your return to running is a huge success and pain-free!

  3. I love Athleta and they offer awesome discounts to coaches (score!!). I love that you just went out and did 12 miles. Isn’t it great when you do that? On the other hand, I’m sorry to hear that you’re dealing with aches and pains. This will sound crazy but I have the MOST amazing massage therapist in NYC. He is an incredible runner himself and was recommended to me by a co-worker/runner. I was skeptical. But when I went he found a spot that I had injured that I didn’t even mention. Every time I have gone to him I have had amazing results and he is priced pretty well. Not too far from you either. Haha, sorry I always sing his praises.

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