weekly workouts {12/31-1/6}

so, this might be my first Wednesday workout post in, um 3 weeks (whoops), but that doesn’t mean i wasn’t working out regularly! i’m happy to be able to say that even though i took a break from some other things (working, blogging, turning on a computer, setting an alarm) and decided not to adult for a bit, i did still work out almost every day. i even went for a 5-6 mile run on Christmas, which is a tradition i’ve come to really enjoy.


i’m not going to recap all my workouts from the last three weeks, but some highlights from my break included a few gym sessions with the boy (we love working out together, for which i’m super thankful!), a hilly 12-mile run upstate, and some running days that were more reminiscent of Spring than anything else (60 degrees, i’ll take it!).

this past week in workouts:

Thurs, 12/31 (NYE): 4-mile run home from work. i think i may have walked the last mile, though, as i’ve been having some issues with one of my legs. aka, lots of pain.
Fri, 1/1: rest. as in, literally slept all day and didn’t change out of sweats. i didn’t even go outside. life just wasn’t happening.
Sat, 1/2: 7 -mile run outside: 3 solo, 4 with the boy. this felt okay — i was sore & slow, but it got a bit better after i warmed up.
Sun, 1/3: morning gym session with boy. leg was pretty painful so i ended up incline walking on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes (and watched Scandal) and then did another 20+ minutes of strength and abs. was still kinda blah, but any workout is better than no workout, right?
Mon, 1/4: it was like 15 degrees & windy that night, so i ended up back on the treadmill for 2 painful, slow  miles before calling that attempt at a run quits and incline walking another 2 miles. i really don’t want to aggravate this leg even more, and it’s been super frustrating. i did some planks and push-ups before calling it a night.
Tues, 1/5: 7pm 5-mile outdoor run — i was in a bummer mood and needed the fresh air, even though my leg was stiff/sore. it felt good to have that done.
Wed, 1/6 (today): i have high hopes of running the 4-5 miles home from work, which will turn into some power walking if the leg is misbehaving. *praying* i’d love to fit some abs in as well, if i have time before seeing a client later tonight.

total weekly mileage: 22-23 (if tonight’s run happens). 18 if it doesn’t

thoughts: right, soooo…my leg hurts. that seems to be the theme of this post, and i’m trying not to whine about it, but it’s definitely affecting my running. i’ve been much slower this week, which was necessary, and i’m okay with it considering i want it to heal quickly and i’ll just have to do what i can for now.

also, i feel like i could have done more strength this week and am a bit disappointed with how little motivation i had to do so. i just wasn’t feeling it. i had one good strength session last Wednesday, the 30th, and otherwise it’s sort of been half-a$$ed since then.

maybe my body just needs a lil rest. and that’s okay. i need to learn that that’s okay.

How were your workouts this past week?
Any new workout goals/plans for 2016? i feel like i need to find a class or change it up somehow!


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