Saturday Successes

this past Saturday, i did so many things. so many good things, i might add.

for starters, i had what i will consider the first successful run (ahem, jog) in a week or so, in that my leg wasn’t locking up or as painful as it has been, thank God. i was sore (due to doing so many squats/lunges etc the day prior), but it wasn’t painful like it had been. i think it’s safe to say i’m on the up-and-up there. success #1: 7-8 mile riverside run. slow, sore, but steady. i’ll take it.

we then did a little jaunt to Astoria so the boy could buy a car! success #2. i don’t claim to know anything about cars, but i really like this one, and he’s super happy, so it was worth celebrating. we then headed back to Manhattan to brunch. we had no plan, but fortuitously stumbled upon one of the best brunch spots i’ve encountered in a while: White Oak Tavern. located on Waverly & Green St. right near Washington Square Park, this place was such a lucky find and we are already stoked to return. we split the Benedict (minus the sauce, i’m so picky) and the Avocado on Toast, and both were amaaaazing. success #3. i was sad to see the food leaving my plate, it was so good.

White Oak has a rustic-meets-Prohibition sort of vibe, with large-print floral wallpaper and shelves of books and antiques above the bar and along the windows that give it a definite throwback-to-another-era feel — in the best way possible. There are little jars of wildflowers on the tables & heavy drapes & hanging lights & communal plank tables in the middle & a craft cocktail list & just all things country charm. i definitely recommend this place.

photo taken from Yelp

photo taken from Yelp

to cap off a pretty great day, we had a fun date planned for last night: Tyler had surprised me with tickets to Aladdin on Broadway as one of my Christmas gifts! this was one of my favorite movies growing up, and i’ve been saying i need to see the show since it came out, so i was really stoked. it was also his first Broadway experience, which is always fun!

we started off with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, 44 & X. this place is the epitome simple elegance and has a unique, extensive, amazing menu, so i never tired of going here. success #4.

we shared the Mediterranean Chopped salad, and then i went with the Maine Lobster Taco appetizer as my meal, which was so simple and delicious: just boiled lobster and pico de gallo in a grilled soft taco, topped with avocado. it was awesome.


yes i know i need to get better at this food-photo thing. yeesh.

the pinnacle of this amazing day was, of course, seeing Aladdin that night — this was a maaaaaajor success (#5).


Aladdin was one of my all-time favorite movies growing up, and let me tell you — if you liked the movie, you’ll love the show. they add a few Broadway-esque songs and change a couple of things, but overall, it’s very true to the Disney movie and so entertaining. lots of energy, lots of laughs, and more sequins and sparkle than i’ve ever seen in one place in my entire life. oh, and the magic carpet ride & “A Whole New World” part was breathtaking. seriously one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen done on stage.


i realize that i need to get myself to the theater more! i really have no excuses, given that i live in the Theater District and love going to shows. this was my idea of a perfect NYC date night that i hope to recreate again and again.

hope your weeks start off well, friends!

Any theater lovers? Last show you saw? Any specific shows you want to see?
Tell me something good from your weekend!


13 thoughts on “Saturday Successes

  1. Yes you do since you live in NYC (but shows are expensive)!

    Glad you’re back to running. Hope you stay healthy!

    A car means more visits to NYC??

  2. That lobster taco looks amazing. Seriously awesome Saturday. I love when they come together perfectly like that. And so glad you got a good run in. I was so happy to get 12 miles in on Saturday…..not easy to do these days with a baby. Success!

  3. I want to see the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. That is way up there on my bucket list. Aladdin would be pretty awesome… so would the Lion King. Heck, they should just turn all Disney movies into Broadway productions. 🙂

  4. SO much fun. I loved theater and Broadway growing up. Aida and Les Miz on Broadway have been my favorites. (I’ve seen Aida on Broadway 3 times). Aladdin would be awesome, though–nothing like Broadway to make the impossible possible!

    • i haven’t seen Aida and i’m not sure i even know what it’s about — apparently i need to do some research! Les Mis is just such a beautiful show and i need to see that one on Broadway. agree, it really brings magic to life! hope you’re enjoying Mexico. 🙂

  5. I haven’t been to the theatre in forever!!!! The last thing I seen was The Lion King on Broadway when I had a trip to NYC with my sisters!
    What a fun Saturday, I want to come hang out with you 😉

    • the Lion King is next on my list to see (can’t believe i still haven’t seen it!). hopefully the boy and i will make it soon. aww, come on over and hang out! 🙂

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