Weekly Workouts {1/7-1-13}


Thurs, 1/7: ran 4 miles home from work — legs were pretty sore/tight.
Fri, 1/8: morning strength sesh: kettlebells, free weights, back machines, push-ups, abs, and all the legs (walking & jumping lunges, jump squats, air squats, in-out squats, kettlebell squats). felt like a really good workout.
Sat, 1/9: 7 mile run outdoors. slow, as my legs were insanely sore.
Sun, 1/10: started to run/walk outside but got caught in the rain, so switched to treadmill for 3 miles of incline walking (leg was killing me). followed up with lots of push-ups and some abs.
Mon, 1/11: 30 mins of strength & abs, 30 mins of treadmill incline walking.
Tues, 1/12: rest. i worked 12 hours (and slept 9 hours the night before, woot!).
Wed, 1/13: 5 miles on the treadmill this morning, with minimal leg pain (just some soreness but nothing crazy). felt good to be able to run again, even if it was at a 9-mile average pace.

total weekly mileage: 16 (running — lots of walking, both on treadmill and alllll over NYC).

thoughts: i’ve been having a lot of issues with one of my legs lately (calf pain, IT band pain, quad pain, knee locking up, just overall NOT WORKING WELL and always hurting), so i made myself cut down on running this week and listen to my body. i feel pretty good about how i handled this, especially after i was able to run 5 miles this morning without too much pain, so i think i’m on the mend and it was just overworked and under-stretched. i definitely feel motivated to pay more attention to stretching and recovery this year, as i know that’s been lacking and it’s so important.

i feel like the most important lesson i’m learning about working out lately is to not be so hard on myself and to do what i can. yes, i want to push myself to new challenges and goals with my running and work hard at it, but no, i don’t want to get hurt, or do anything stupid, or think my weekly mileage and long runs affect my overall worth as a human being. i tend to get too hard on myself at these times, and i need a mental reset.

do the best with what you have. challenge yourself, but don’t beat yourself up.

i think that’s the advice i need to give myself going into 2016.


How were your workouts this past week?
What advice do you need to give yourself going into this year?


12 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts {1/7-1-13}

  1. Definitely good to listen to your body and slow it down if you’re feeling pain. I need to learn to take my own advice more often. 🙂 My week was good…lazy. The cold has been keeping me in bed in the mornings so I’ve mostly been hitting the gym after work. It’s kind of a nice change of pace!

    • i found myself doing that same thing quite a bit last week, re-setting my alarm to stay in bed longer and workout at night instead. gah this cold weather! i’m back to mornings this week though, so maybe i’ll be playing this by ear for the winter. 🙂

  2. My advice for myself is to just be happy with whatever I can do. Whether it’s a 12 minute mile or a 6 minute mile, I will be okay with it.

    So sorry about your leg. I think you are doing the right thing by reducing the run volume. I have chronic calf issues and let me tell you, it SUCKS. I think if I would have just listened to my body the first time, it would have healed properly and it never would have been an issue again!

    LOVE the quote ❤

    • i love that self advice and i am feeling that way lately, too. thanks for the well-wishes — the leg has been better the past 2 days, thank the Lord! and yes, such a great quote, right? so important to remember.

  3. Glad to hear that you are running again. Maybe that marathon was tougher on your legs than you thought.

    I’ve decided to enjoy running more and not focus on pace & PRs.

  4. Great attitude! 2015 was full of small injuries -one after the other. I ended up having to take 6 weeks completely off and give myself permission to fully rest. Also, don’t be afraid to shell out for a PT. I have serious muscle imbalances between my legs that will lead to injuries unless I actively strengthen them.

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