Weekly Workouts {1/14-1/20}


yesterday, i woke up in the Sunshine State. today, i woke up to 25 degrees in NYC. funny how a day (and some airplanes) can change things so drastically.

Thurs, 1/14: 6 miles on the treadmill. leg felt pretty good, esp after running 5 the morning before. still don’t love the treadmill, but i don’t love freezing temps + wind at 5:45am either, so i caved.
Fri, 1/15: rest. aka travel day! oh hey, Florida. you’re pretty. i think i might have done some push-ups at my parents’ house that evening?
Sat, 1/16: 8.5 mile run in sunny Melbourne Beach, Florida. this felt great. i love running in a new place, especially when that place happens to be beautiful.
Sun, 1/17: tried to run but the legs were really hurting. i managed to jog about 3 of the 5 miles and threw a couple sets of push-ups and lunges into the mix, finishing with 5 minutes of planks at home.
Mon, 1/18: jogged 1.5 miles to the local gym and bought a day pass, did an hour + of a hard full-body workout with alllll the legs (which i’ve been paying for since!), finished up with 15 minutes of abs and then walked the 1.5 miles back home. felt great about this workout and was pleasantly surprised with the gym in this little town.


Tues, 1/19: walked 3 miles to get coffee in the morning. SO SORE from yesterday’s full-body session.
Wed, 1/20: 3.5 miles on the treadmill. i was thisclose to staying in bed, but i managed to drag myself out at the last second and zip downstairs to the gym for a super quick little run.

total weekly mileage: 22.5 (running)

thoughts: this week’s mileage was up from last, which makes me happy, and although i’m still having some pretty painful/rough days where my leg just can’t take any weight, it’s getting better and recovering quicker. i definitely miss running in warm weather — even taking walks down south was amazing. my one full-body workout this week felt awesome, so i want to get back to doing 2 of those a week as well (plus more abs & push-ups).

running song suggestion of the week: “Too Much to Handle” by Great Good Fine Ok (who i’ve been loving for a while now and JUST found out are from my hometown area! so crazy)

Any favorite workouts to share?
Anyone training for a race?


8 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts {1/14-1/20}

  1. Need to check out that song!!!! I am so sorry you are dealing with leg pain. I haven’t blogged about it, but I have a weird knee pain happening. It’s my knee cap. I whacked it pretty hard off of the pole in pole class, but that was like 2 weeks ago. It bothers me the day after a hard run. Grrrrrr. Needs to just STOP NOW. I am usually a huge lover of cold weather running but I’ve been cranky about it too. Mostly, the wind is what I’m hating on. I am training for good old Boston right now, if my legs decide to cooperate with me!

    • ahhh bummer about your knee – hope that stops acting up soon and you’re able to run pain-free again. you’re so crazy adept at that pole dancing stuff though, chica! 🙂 love those pix. the wind is the worst, i’m with you. i can handle the cold, but the wind kills me. good luck with training!!

  2. Soooo jealous of your Florida running. I need a warm vacation so badly right now!
    Great week for you! I have been running like I’m training for something, but I’m not formally right now. I need to get signing up for some of these races.

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