Snowmageddon 2016

Soooo, as you heard, we got some serious snow up in NYC! (Check out some photos here if you have any interest in seeing the craziness!)


Talk about going from 0 to 100 — we haven’t had any snowfall all year, and then we experienced the second-biggest blizzard in all of NYC’s snowfall history this weekend! Governor Cuomo issued a travel ban starting at 2:30pm on Saturday, shutting down all roads and subways, so we really had no choice but to hunker down and cozy up.


That was totally fine by me, and I actually relished the forced hermit status and so much “me” time. I didn’t venture out at all except to stumble through the blizzard to the grocery store across the street, which was sort of exciting because 1) it felt like a mini adventure and 2) it was a great excuse to wear my new Hunter boots for the first time (I know, I know, GIRLS). I was actually laughing to myself while stumbling through the snow piles and struggling to keep my eyes open through the gusts. Hilarity.


So, Jonas was a-ok by me. Even though I couldn’t run outside, I got up and went right to the gym both Saturday and Sunday morning with the contented assurance that I had nowhere else to be that day and could take my sweet time.

                                                               Weekend workouts
7.5 miles on treadmill (6.5 running, 1 incline walking)
Sunday: Really sore legs that quickly shut down on me (too much pain), so I ran 2 miles and then incline walked another 3+. (Blue Bloods on Netflix makes the treadmill much more manageable.) I then did another 30 minutes of light free weights, squats/lunges/leg things, lots of push-ups, 5 minutes of planks and 50 decline-bench sit-ups. This workout felt really good and I love not being pressed for time.

The rest of my weekend included lots of relaxing in pjs, cleaning, healthy foods (including Oatmega bars, which i’m really liking right now), and some delicious drinks:

Josh Cabernet paired with pink flannels (excellent combo that I plan to repeat tonight),

reduced-sugar vanilla almond milk latte (I buy Illy espresso and finally learned how to make my frother work — small victories),

a “Perfect Manhattan” (yes, there is apparently a difference between a perfect and a non-perfect, so I learned), made by a friend from college who lives in my apartment building as well (so convenient, esp during blizzards, to have built-in neighbor friends!).


So Jonas really treated me quite well. I was productive, active, well-rested, relaxed, and more than content to have a full weekend to myself. I remember days in my 20s when i hated the thought of spending so much time alone, and now I seriously cherish it and need it to feel balanced.

Funny how things change as we mature.

currently reading: Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer (some dense stuff, but so good)
currently listening to: Great Good Fine Ok (really digging their sound)
currently watching: Blue Bloods on Netflix (finished Scandal and my parents got me hooked on this show when i was in Florida last week – Donny Wahlberg for the win!)

How was your weekend, friends? Highlights?
Anyone else get slammed by Jonas? How’d you fare?


17 thoughts on “Snowmageddon 2016

  1. I totally got slammed by Jonas! It was nuts! Didn’t leave the house until Mid-Sunday, but still managed to get my car out. Win! Also, I survived with only 1 roll of toilet paper in the house lol I was getting a little nervous about that ! hahaha

    • worst combo and i’m bummed about that b/c i wanted to snowboard this coming weekend, and you guys have terrible conditions for it! no snow + cold = ice. ugh.

  2. Sounds like a perfect little weekend 🙂 I enjoyed the first snow day but the second was a bit much. 3-4 hours of shoveling isn’t really my idea of fun and I’m so sore today!

    • are you getting to ride in it?? i’m so envious! i wish this snow had hit the mountains upstate and in VT rather than NYC. meh i think it’s all just, um, piled all along the sidewalks and on street corners. ya know, natural walking hazards and barriers from getting anywhere safely. 🙂

      • Ha! I guess it’s an adventure walking anywhere. I haven’t been skiing yet (I know that’s pretty terrible) but our mountains are over 200 inches so far this season so if you make it out you will have an awesome time.

  3. Rock and I were just talking about the awesome times we had hunkered down during storms in NYC (hello Sandy). We would enjoy lazy time and awesome homemade food. So glad you made the best of it. You know what I despise about NYC snow? That it is so beautiful for all of 5 minutes. And then when it starts to melt it makes for awful messes at street corners!

    • it really is fun (as long as everyone is safe!) to be forced to have down time. i also am biased b/c life in sweatpants is my favorite type of life. and YES i’m so with you — it makes things so soft and lovely one second, and the next day is a total slushy nightmare of piled messes.

  4. You are so cute in all your winter gear!! I love your red wellies. I was in my purple ones for most of the weekend. And yes as you know, we got slammed too.

    It was definitely a red wine and flannel jams kind of weekend. I hope the digging out process has gone okay up there!

    • WELLIES yesss such a fun word. i was totally exempt from any clean-up as i live right in the city, but so many ppl with whom i work keep complaining about being sore from all the shoveling in NJ and Long Island. thankfully that wasn’t my story! 🙂 clean-up seems to have been handled pretty well here in Manhattan, thanktheLord. hope same for you!

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