weekly workouts {1/19-1/27}


Thurs, 1/21: ran about 3 miles from work to a massage parlor in Chelsea because my back was in so much pain. (i think i will be going there more often, as i got a great full body massage for $40 and it realllly helped.) 6 minutes of planks at home.
Fri, 1/22: (really sore legs) 30 minutes on Arc trainer, high resistance; incline walking 20 minutes
Sat, 1/23: 6.5 mile treadmill run, 1 mile incline walking
Sun, 1/24: a slow 2-mile treadmill run; switched to incline speed walking for the next 3+ miles, as my legs were in a lot of pain. followed with 45 minutes of light free weights, lots of legs, push-ups and abs
Mon, 1/25: rest day. worked 12 hours and came home to surprise flowers from the boy, which was the sweetest, and had some great wine with my roommate. great rest day.
Tues, 1/26: 5 miles on treadmill (1 mile warm-up, 1 mile moderate, 3 miles of light speedwork–>really need to do more of this)
Wed, 1/27:Β 2-mile easy run this morning (so sore -must stretch more!); push-ups (regular and tricep), biceps w/ free weights, decline bench sit-ups & 5 mins of planks

total weekly mileage: 18.5 running (lots of walking). pressed for time in the mornings before work, and legs were too sore to run more (on the treadmill) this weekend. i’m okay with this for now.

thoughts: i really miss running outdoors, but i’m thankful to have a gym with treadmills right in my apartment building in this weather. my legs are way more sore than i’d like –> i need to devote more time to stretching/recovery. i’m going upstate this weekend so i’ll make sure to utilize the hot tub. πŸ™‚

running song of the week: “Pride” by Totem

happy running/working out, friends!

Any new running songs for me?
Best workout of the week?


10 thoughts on “weekly workouts {1/19-1/27}

  1. Nice! I wish I’d had a treadmill here last week with the icy weather.

    The first day I could run outside, I did a four-mile negative split run (my favorite kind of speedwork). It felt GLORIOUS πŸ™‚ and agree – I always lament that I should be doing more speedwork and more XT.

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