Friday Five: 5 Weekly Faves

soooo, this is how i’m feeling today:


and you’ll see why if you keep reading. 🙂

linking up with the DC ladies Mar, Cynthia & Courtney for our weekly dose of Friday Five fun, with this week being a “Free Friday” where we can choose whatsoever topic suits our fancy. as i did a pretty specific one last week on nutrition bars, i decided to go a bit more lax this week and go with a list of random favorite things from the last week of January.


1. florals. i came home from a double-job, 12-hour workday on Monday (did i mention i’m a therapist a few nights a week now? if you are looking for a therapist or life coach, i’m happy to work with clients remotely as well!) to find these beauties hanging out on my dresser, along with the sweetest note. it was the perfect surprise to end my long day. & i totally won the human lottery, for real. he’s so good. ❤

2. School of Rock. what do you get when you mix Broadway theater + hilarity + a total Jack Black double + adoooorable and talented children + all the enthusiasm and energy in the world?

School of Rock the musical, that’s what. this was SUCH a cute show. the lead actor clearly studied Jack Black ad nauseam for this role, and totally crushed it — he was hilarious. and the kids?! OMG they were fantastic. such a wholesome, rowdy, energetic, fun-filled, non-stop show that made you laugh so hard & made you “awwww” & made you feel good about theater still reflecting the genuine heart of humanity at its core. i really, really liked it and would recommend it for all ages. basically if you liked the movie, you’ll love it.

3. bottoms up. i went out with guys from work for a drink last night to Ward III in TriBeCa, a dark little cocktail bar that has a great novelty drink list, talented mixology bartenders, and this menu gem:

a list of house rules. this adds such character and serves as a great conversation piece. we especially liked #2, Don’t Be Creepy, which lets us gals know that if a guy is bothering us, the bartenders are happy to ask him to leave her alone. genius.

i ordered their signature drink, the Ward III, which was fantastic and one of the best drinks i’ve had anywhere in a long time (also the first, since i haven’t been drinking anything but wine for months!):


definitely a different order for me, and it was SO good. i’d return just for this.

4. inspiration. i love this.


5. travel. so, about that first image from this post…

it was entirely apropos for today, as the best thing that happened to me this week was booking a trip yesterday for me and the boy…


to the beach in that picture above.

Ka’anapali Beach, Maui — i’m coming for you in March. eeeeeeee!! ❤

hope you all are having a fabulous Friday, friends!!

Best part of your week?
What’s on tap for the weekend?


22 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Weekly Faves

  1. Wow. How lucky is that!! Mauii!!!!!

    That drink sounds amazing!

    This week was blah except for dinners out with friends. Sunday, I have a free 10 mile race and then it’s taper time.

  2. A trip to Maui will be wonderful. It is a gorgeous island and a perfect place for a winter break. The rules at that bar are fascinating. I have never seen that before but love the idea.

    • i know, i’m so excited, and by March i’ll be so ready to break up the winter months with an island trip! the rules idea was so cool, and makes for a great talking piece at a bar.

    • I have been, when I was 12, with my family, and even then I still consider it my favorite island I’ve ever seen. I’m beyond excited to return as an adult, and with the boy! ❤️️

  3. We just got back from Kannapali last week…had a fabulous week there, ran the Maui Oceanfront Marathon the first weekend, then got to relax and enjoy. It is spectacular…the only bad part was we had to leave and come back, this was the longest week ever! Enjoy!

      • We stayed on the Kannapali beach just south of there at the Westin Villas! It is totally awesome, you will have a great time…we didnt go to a Luau as we had been to one before on the Big Island, but all the major resorts will have one. You are really close to a fabulous breakfast restaurant, Slappy Cakes…we went there a couple times. Super breakfast. Also, just a little north is the Maui Brewing company…real good food and beer. There is a beach walk that we ran every day and you can run/walk between all the resorts along the beach and pick and choose your happy hour spots right next the beach. Also check out Lahaina and the huge Banyon Tree…all kinds of restaurants and places to hang out and there is supposed to be some kind of show there, though we didnt have time for it. That’s where we picked up our packets for the marathon. Do your ocean swimming/snorkeling in the morning because the surf really picks up in the afternoon – take a look at Black Rock just a couple miles south by the Sheraton. Another hint…sounds silly, but depending when you land, stop at the Walmart near the airport and grab a case of water and basic supplies, it will save you some money during the week. There is an Island Market type grocery store right by where you are staying too. We had such a good time, we bought another vacation package to go back! Have fun…you will!

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