2 Things Tuesday

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ONE: Brooklyn Half Marathon.


i’m stoked to report that i’ll be running this race in May for the 4th year in a row, especially considering how popular it has become. touted as the “biggest half marathon in the country,” it’s already set a new record for this year by selling out in 52 minutes – which is less than half the time it’ll take me to run it! (#wild)

i’ve had nothing but great experiences running BK and am especially stoked for this year because it’ll be my man’s first half, so i just plan to enjoy running it with him. it’s amazing to me how popular half marathons have become in the past few years and i love the race culture that has evolved and the community of runners here in NYC.

TWO: The Blackboard Experiment.

i found this project to be a poignant commentary on the human condition today, and especially loved it because it was set right here in NYC.

it’s my dream/goal to one day do a social experiment like this, and don’t worry – i’ll let you all know when i do. 🙂

Anyone else sign up for Spring races?
What will you regret NOT doing in your life?
for me, it’s traveling more. i want to see as much of this great big wonderful world as i possibly can.


17 thoughts on “2 Things Tuesday

  1. LOVE the Blackboard Experiment! What a fantastic idea, and so engaging. I would love to travel more, but it just isn’t in the cards. If we don’t work on our family, I will regret not doing that–it is a life goal.

  2. The Brooklyn Half is one of my favorites! Especially the post-race party on the beach, haha. (I also love it because that’s where my half PR is from.) I’m currently regretting not traveling much in my life. I want to see EVERYTHING. I’ve been all over the US but haven’t left the country. I need to just make it happen, I guess 🙂

    • it’s such a fun race, right? we stayed around last year and hung out at the post-party in the stadium – was a beautiful day for it. i think my PR might be there as well, actually. and i hear you, i also want to see as much as possible. happy future traveling!

  3. Someday I will run the Brooklyn half.

    Have a half in Rock Hill in March and another in VT in May plus lots of shorter races.

    I need to plan a NYC trip soon.

    • it’s a great race, you definitely should – esp after it sounds like the inaugural BK fall R&R you ran this year totally paled in comparison. i need to find some more races to sign up for and stay motivated to train for things. what’s on your NYC wish list next? 🙂

  4. I am signed up for a virtual 10k this month, a 5k in March, and a 10k in April. Not sure yet when my next longer race will be! Its been tough to train with the snow/ice we have had so I am kind of glad I haven’t committed to training for anything this winter.

    • so i totally had to Google a “virtual” race b/c i wasn’t quite sure what that was, but i get it now – that’s a cool concept to keep yourself motivated and accountable but not have to actually travel to a race. training with the snow/ice is hard – i was dodging patches of black ice yesterday morning! hoping that all clears soon.

  5. Lucky you, I haven’t been able to run any NYC halfs yet. I have not signed up for any half lately I am not to sure why. I know I need to put my but into gear. I think I am going to start the year of slow and just do some 5 and 10K.

    • i think Jan + Feb are the hardest months to stay motivated to run distances, so getting some smaller goals under your belt are great ways to start out. i like to run my longer races in the spring and fall as well. happy running!

  6. So excited to see you are running the Brooklyn Half! I hear it is an awesome race.

    I think if I don’t finish my 50 state quest, I would regret not doing it. I have 20 to go and lately it’s just sounding exhausting…but…I’m over halfway there!

    • it’s such a great race, i’ve loved running it the past 3 years. your 50 state quest is such an awesome goal, and i wish you the best in tackling it! you can totally do it.

  7. 52 minutes! NYC is no joke. Love the blackboard experiment, and I think Mark Twain would agree “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

  8. The Blackboard Experiment is really neat. I would regret not taking time to travel and learn more about the world. I can’t wait to travel with Axel and take him on the adventures I never got to go on when I was growing up!

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