Weekly Workouts (1/28-2/3)


Thurs, 1/28: 4 miles on the treadmill, with some light speedwork
Fri, 1/29: rest (traveled upstate for the BFF’s bday)
Sat, 1/30: (gym with boy) 7 miles on treadmill, 5 minutes planks, a few other ab exercises (leg raise machine, bicycles, had boy throw my legs –> forgot how good those are)
Sun, 1/31: (gym with boy) great total-body strength session (my legs are STILL sore today from this, 3 days later), 10 minutes planks
Mon, 2/1: rest. SORE.
Tues, 2/2: 4+ miles outside at 6am! felt great to be back outdoors, although my legs were soooo sore (that’s just a thing lately, i guess they’re understretched?), and we’re back into the 50s in NYC, so i’m loving that.
Wed, 2/3 (today): 5 miles outdoors; 5 mins of planks.

total weekly mileage: 20

thoughts: i miss running longer distances and having that “me” time, but i’m trying to be okay with the fact that it’s a seasonal thing and this will change. it’s a time management thing as well, as i have several days a week now where i’m working 12 hours (day job and clients at night), so i really need to go to bed earlier if i want to run longer in the mornings. i’m not training for anything at the moment either, so i just need to pretend i am and discipline myself to do longer runs. on a positive note, strength sessions have felt great, and the planks & abs have been going really well/feeling good lately.

running song of the week: “Go For It” by Cruisr

Best workout of the week?
Running song for me?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (1/28-2/3)

  1. I am lucky if I can a one minute plank. I need to practice. You’ll get back to those runs esp when it warms up. Besides you have that half in May.

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