Friday Five: 5 February Fitness Goals

Before I delve into this week’s Friday Five, I want to acknowledge a horrible event that happened not far from my office building this morning: a huge crane collapsed on a street in TriBeCa, with current injury reports claiming 1 fatality and at least a dozen injured.


This is so scary and devastating, so please keep my city in your prayers today.

Trying to switch gears after being rattled is a bit tough, I can’t lie…

I’m joining the DC ladies’ (Mar, Courtney & Cynthia) for the weekly Friday Five link-up, interpreting today’s “Fitness” theme as:

Snow run.jpg

ONE: Run outside more. I spent more time on a treadmill than I was hoping to in January, mainly because cold + dark at 6am = wasn’t feeling it. I’ve managed to do 2 outdoor runs this week and really enjoyed both, so I’m hoping to keep this streak going.

TWO: Run at least 20 miles a week. My mileage has slipped a bit and I think setting a weekly  goal will help me raise it. I’m willing to ease up on this goal if I experience pain, however, as I don’t want to get injured, but otherwise I want to hit this as a minimum weekly goal (regardless of whether I’m outside or on a treadmill).

THREE: Plank almost every day. I actually really like doing planks, and I have no excuse not to do them, as I can spread out my yoga mat on my bedroom floor and do 5 minutes in the morning or at night regardless of how busy my day is. I want to incorporate this into my daily routine as many days a week as possible. I definitely feel stronger and able to hold them for longer lately, and that whole “this is torture” phase has worn away.

Although this is the cutest:


FOUR: Two strength sessions a week. Even if one of these is short and includes mostly push-ups, squats, lunges & light free weights, I want to make sure I’m doing more than one a week. I’ve been consistent with this lately and it’s feeling great. (My legs are hurtssogood sore all the time, but I don’t hate it.)


FIVE: Buddy sessions. Fitness is something the boy and I totally bond over, as he’s also a workout/healthy living junkie (I swear that’s not the only reason I date him — he’s pretty fantastic across the board :)). As we don’t live in the same city (sad) we spend the full weekends together, and since neither Saturday nor Sunday are “rest” days for me, we’ve fallen into a habit of getting up and working out both days. I totally look forward to this routine and it reminds me how nice it is to have a workout accountability partner, so I want to make sure we keep this up  every weekend, even if we’re away.


Have a great weekend!!

Any specific February fitness goals?
Do you workout with your significant other or friends?


8 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 February Fitness Goals

  1. Wow, that’s some pretty scary stuff. Did you actually witness that? I can see how that is rattling for sure.

    Honestly, I have no fitness goals this month. After the marathon last month I have claimed this month as my “rest” month…lol. -M

    • i didn’t witness it thankfully, but the videos and pix alone were enough to upset me.
      sounds like a rest month is well deserved after a that (humid!) marathon!

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