Weekly Workouts: [2/11-2/17]


Thurs, 2/11: friiiiigid 4-mile run home from work; abs (planks & bicycles) and a few sets of push-ups
Fri, 2/12: (morning workout) 20 mins incline walking; 45 minutes strength (free weights, kettlebells, push-ups, squats); abs (planks & decline bench)
Sat, 2/13: (gym w/ boy): 5 mile treadmill run, 1 mile incline walking, bunch of abs (5 mins planks, bicycles, leg raises)
Sun, 2/14 (<3 day!): (gym w/ boy): 2.5 mile treadmill run; free weights (biceps and chest), bench dips (ugh hate), and a new-to-me thing that the boy recently got me into: weighted push-ups. i did two sets of 12 push-ups with a 25 lb weight on my back, and one set of 15 with a 10lb. he does 45 lbs b/c he’s a boy and they can do that. we finished with abs (6 minutes of planks + bicycles and leg raises)
Mon, 2/15 (holiday, woot!): (gym w/ boy — we had a very fit + healthy Valentine’s weekend!): 4.5 miles on treadmill (with speedwork); abs
Tues, 2/16: evening workout in my living room: 45 minutes of upper body with 10 lb free weights (biceps, triceps, shoulders, rows, lateral pulls, etc); planks & abs; hip-thrusts (which Women’s Health recently touted as one of the best glute workouts, so I’ve begun implementing them to see for myself!)
Wed, 2/17: 4 mile treadmill run (+ .5 walking) this morning; 5 mins of planks; 50 decline bench sit-ups

total weekly mileage: 20

thoughts: so I know I said my February goal was to hit 25 miles/week, but I’m not even the tiniest bit upset about only having run 20. in fact, 20 miles felt good & right this past week, and I feel like I really listened to my body during each run and while I worked hard at times and pushed through some “meh” spots, I didn’t overdo it or try to run through pain. all in all, I’m happy with this week and feel good. also, i love gym sessions with the bf. they’re my absolute favorite. ❤

song of the week: “Let You Go” by Chainsmokers ft. Great Good Fine Ok –> I LOVE everything these guys touch!

Best workout this week?
Give me one of your fave workout songs!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts: [2/11-2/17]

  1. I am forever loving this main pic of you with that cutie pie sports bra/top on. Is that lulu? Okay…getting away from topic…nice job on the workouts girlie!! Building mileage isn’t always easy but stay at it, sounds like you are rocking it for sure!

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