Weekly Workouts (2/18-2/24)

I was thinking about my blog on the way in to work this morning and realizing just how easy it is to fall behind and go days without posting! I wish I could tell you guys I’ve had so many exciting things going on that I just can’t find the time, but really, I just haven’t had a whole lot to share. Life is life: work, grad clinicals, running, sleeping, surviving the rain we’ve had here lately. Nothing so commanding it deserves a nod!

The workouts have been consistent, though, so that’s always a highlight of my week. Some days I get no other “me” time (aka, where I’m not constantly talking to people or on the go) aside from my workout, so I really count on this hour or so a day to refresh me.


Thurs, 2/18: i ran home from work, 4.5 miles, then a few minutes of planks. then drank some wine for National Drink Wine Day (woot!).
Fri, 2/19: rest day. seemed appropriate after NDWD. 🙂
Sat, 2/20: morning 9-miler outdoors with the boy, our longest run together to date. it was 55 degrees and felt so good, and despite the unfortunate girl frustrations and moodiness affecting me that day, we had a nice run. aka, i survived and he just sort of floated. BOYS.

we even sported our matchy-matchy Nike half-zips b/c that’s what the trying-to-be-cool kids do these days. but seriously, this is my fave running shirt ever. SO comfortable.
Sun, 2/21: 4-mile easy run outdoors
Mon, 2/22: (evening, in my living room) upper body w/ 10-lb free weights: biceps, triceps, shoulders, back rows; planks…while watching The Bachelor for the first time this season, really, and consequently remembering why i no longer watch The Bachelor. the only part i enjoyed was when JoJo’s rich, batty mom drank from the champagne bottle and didn’t skip a beat. hilarious.
Tues, 2/23: (morning) 15 minutes of treadmill running before an hour of strength & abs: kettlebells (swings, lateral pulls, squats, triceps, bicep curls), free weights (bicep curls, back rows), push-ups (tricep and regular), lunges, squats (w/ and w/o kettlebell), high knees; abs (planks and decline bench). THIS FELT SO GOOD and needed!
Wed, 2/24: (morning) 1.5 mile run on treadmill before switching to incline walking due to too-sore hammies –> just over 3 miles altogether, followed by abs & push-ups.

total weekly mileage: about 20, give or take.

thoughts: Totally fine with this #. I was hoping to get a 4-5 miler in this morning but knew almost immediately it wasn’t a running day for me, as my hamstrings were screaming at me from the get-go. I’m learning to give in and listen to my body when it feels like that, so i consider that a success in itself.

fave workout: Saturday’s run with the boy, even though i was less than my best. It still felt so good to get a longer run in on a nice day, with the person I love. ❤

song of the week: “Ghost” by Halsey

Fave workout of the week?
New running song for me?
Matching with your running partner: yay or nay?


17 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (2/18-2/24)

  1. Running is just like anything…the more you do it the stronger your legs will get. I run a lot so my legs have gotten acclimated to the mileage. I hope that answers your question that you posted on my blog. Keep it up! Have a blessed week!!

    • i mean i mentally know that but it doesn’t always translate physically for me, ie, my legs have more pain than they need to run through some days. but i’m glad you’re doing so well. 🙂 thanks lady, you too!

      • Thank you! You’re such a strong runner! We’ll have to chat via email sometime…feel free to hit me up whenever you need distance running encouragement/tips/mojo. My contact info is on my blog. I’ve got your back homie!

  2. HALSEYYYY I LOVE HER. Did you hear her song with the Biebs, called The Feeling? Love it. Great job this week! I have been sucking at blog life lately. Need to catch up on what is happening in everyone else’s worlds ASAP!

    • i wasn’t actually so sold on her previous songs but this one is good! i’ll have to check that one with JB. i’m behind as well, must be the winter blues. 🙂

  3. Sometimes you wake up and realize that a run isn’t going to happen haha. Way to listen to your body — better than the alternative and then you accidentally mess something up and have to sit out of running for weeks or months! I love the matching haha but I’m a sucker for stuff like that 🙂

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