Thinking Out Loud (Thursday)

heyoooo to Thursday’s link-up with Amanda @ Running with Spoons!

1.  recipe. so the last thing i just read before starting this blog post was this amazing-looking recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie, which i now feel the necessity of making this weekend (substituting coconut flour).

Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake

berry-cake.jpgphoto taken by Katie and featured on her blog today

2. running. i’m in serious need of a good run and it’s sort of driving me nuts today. i’ve been fighting off a cold/sore throat/weird stomach thing all week so have been trying to take it easy (and sleep a lot!), but i’m dying to run. i might try to get in a few quick miles tonight after my client session and do some longer ones this weekend.

3. reading. stoked to start peeking at this lil gem after i finish this post:


eeeeee cannot wait for this trip! one week from today, i’ll be on the beach in my fave place. ❤

4. & more reading. speaking of…does anyone have any good book suggestions for me to take on the trip? i like a well-written, descriptive, this-person-can-really-manipulate-language-and-tell-a-great-story-and-make-you-feel-all-the-things novel. nothing light and kitschy, please. no more Girls on the Train or anything Moriarty.

5. watching. i recently got into Blue Bloods (thanks to my parents) on Netflix and have to say, i like Donnie Wahlberg even better in his second attempt at the spotlight.

i’m really liking this show, despite thinking a cop show wasn’t my thing.
the cast is pretty great and i love seeing all the NYC neighborhoods.

6. eating. i can’t get enough of it today. when i’m sick, that’s pretty much all i crave. i feel like i want to move somewhere tropical and start growing mangoes right about now.

7. drinking. i’m drinking JUST WATER this week b/c i temporarily broke up with wine. i know, i KNOW, but it’s actually been an easy break! i guess part of it is being a sicky, but i haven’t even craved my (almost-nightly) glass for a second since being out on Saturday night. maybe my body is just saving up for all those fun cocktails in Maui… 🙂

8. working. 
ever feel like you want to choose your next job based upon the frequency it allows you to wear gym clothes/sweat pants? i’m living that life daily right now. i’m currently wearing tights that have now become footless on one side, and it doesn’t even phase me. my hours are spent counting down the minutes til i can get out of work clothes and into sweats. it’s gotten pretty bad. i really just don’t like real clothes much at all.

9. fashion. Kate Spade’s 75% off Surprise Sales make me very, very happy. if you’re a KS fan and don’t subscribe to the email list, you’re missing some seriously great sales. i just snagged this pretty lil thing for a third of the original price, and i’m so happy with it. everyone needs a fun summer purse in their fave color, right??

10. wanderlust.
because the soul can dream.


happy Friday eve, friends!

Tell me a random fun fact from your week!


16 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud (Thursday)

    • yes, you have to get the surprise sale emails — they come out every few months and they’re how i stock up on my purses and buy everyone’s gifts! so good. thanks lady, i am def looking forward to this weekend for some outdoor running.

    • i was surprised by how much i enjoyed it — it has a really strong theme of family and these wholesome values of loyalty and honor and all that stuff that makes you feel good about humanity. plus, the cast is great. 🙂

  1. I need to try Blue Bloods again. My mother in law LOVES it, but I had a hard time getting into. Seeing as I pretty much love most of the same things you do means I need to give it a second try!!! Excited you get to go on vacay soon!!

    • i actually started watching it when i was visiting my parents in FL in January b/c they love it, and after a few episodes i was digging the characters and whole thing. i like the wholesome, family-oriented storyline, as well as the NYC setting. and yes, we do seem to like a lot of the same things! 🙂

  2. I am SO jealous you get to go to Hawaii. One of my good friends lives there and owns a really cute coffee shop/bakery. My husband and I are planning a trip for next fall. 🙂

    I’ve heard really good things about Me Before You and The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. Unfortunately, i have zero time for reading these days. :-/

    • i know you love Hawaii and specifically Maui as well, and i’m so envious that you live closer and get to go more often! maybe your friend needs someone to work at the coffee shop with him/her? i’ve worked in cafes for years! 🙂 i read Me Before You last year and really liked it. i haven’t read the other, i’ll check it out. thanks!

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