Weekly Workouts (3/17-3/23)

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done one of these posts! I actually thought about recapping my Maui workouts and doing a “how to still get your workouts in on vacation” post, but just never got around to it. We did run 4-5 miles four of the six mornings we were there, and did lots of push-ups, squats and planks/abs, so I was really happy with our “working out in paradise” diligence. I’m also so grateful to be dating someone who cares as much about health & fitness as I do — we really love working out together. 🙂


Thurs, 3/17: horrible run home from work (about 4 miles). i had to stop a million times, as my stomach was NOT having it, and i puked halfway through (sorry for that visual) and then again at home. i obviously ate something bad at lunch, and also, i think i need to cut out nuts. they always bother me these days.
Fri, 3/18: morning upper body strength and ab session: kettlebells, free weights, push-ups, planks, rows. i then ran/speed walked home from work. my legs were sooooo sore, so i only ran the first 2 miles or so and then walked the rest. i forget how nice walking feels sometimes!
Sat, 3/19: 4-mile outdoor run – felt better but unfortunately just had zero energy and couldn’t pick up my legs after 4 miles. Tyler met me after his weights session and we opted for a fast walk instead, covering another 4 miles. it was nice to walk and chat and enjoy one another on a Saturday when we had nothing else we had to do.

we even found a sign in the Meatpacking district that clearly told us to go back to Maui.


Sun, 3/20: 6 miles on the treadmill (as it was windy & cold out and i was being a baby), followed by a half hour of push-ups, kettlebells, free weights and abs. felt really good.
Mon, 3/21: rest. worked 12 hours. The Voice. wine.
Tues, 3/22: 5 mile run home from work. was beautiful out; felt great.
Wed, 3/23 (today): FINALLY got up for a morning workout!! feels like a victory lately. ran one mile as a warm-up (8:20 pace), then did 45 minutes of this routine:

  • 15 bench jump squats
  • 10 push-ups
    (repeat these two til I hit 50 push-ups)
  • 15 bicep curl, press, tricep overhead curl w/ a 20 lb kettlebell
  • 15 kettlebell later pulls
  • 15 chest press with a 35-lb plate
    (repeat this twice)
  • 10 tricep push-ups
  • 15 single-arm kettlebell rows
    (repeat this twice)
  • 5 minutes of planks; leg raises on bench

This felt good and I’m glad to have a morning workout behind me, and hope to get back into that swing.

*added later: I ran 6miles in the beauuutiful weather this evening, which felt glorious.

Total weekly running mileage: 26. Happy with that.

Enjoy your day, friends ❤

Best workout of the week? Hmmm I think I enjoyed Saturday’s run/walk with boy combo most.
Favorite strength exercise? Love me some push-ups!


13 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (3/17-3/23)

  1. Omg. The puking. I am sooo sorry! I hate when my stomach feels upset running. I felt a little nauseous yesterday running but no puke! My favorite strength exercise is, as you can guess, anything pole related!

  2. Our Mondays were pretty darn similar – well I didn’t work 12 hours and watch the Voice but I did do a lot of stressful work (ugh paper-writing!) and watched Netflix with my wine in hand 😀 Also, glad your workouts this week seem to be going better for you so far!

    I absolutely LOVE push-ups for strength…and planks. Both of those are my favorites!

    • Netflix with wine sounds lovely! wish i had time to do that with you one night soon! push-ups and planks are my go-to faves as well. twinning. 🙂

  3. Great job keeping up your workouts while on vacation! Sounds like a great time. And I know what you mean it has been harder to get up in the morning lately! And daylight savings always does this for me in the spring now that it’s dark again. Soon it will be warm and more inviting I hope!

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