Weekly Workouts (3/24-3/31)

Where do the days go lately?! Seriously, I have started to write a post multiple times in the past week and just have so many things on my plate that they’re not getting finished! But HI, friends — I’m popping in for a quick workout update and to let you all know I miss you!


Thurs, 3/24: 4 miles before work outdoors, at a good clip (didn’t time it but felt great)
Fri, 3/25 (good Friday, day off work, woot!): gym sesh upstate: 2m speedwork on treadmill (from 7.0-8.5, felt SO good and sweaty!) even though i wasn’t going to run, followed by a half hour of assisted pull-ups (SO MANY!) and dips (so sore the next day!), regular and tricep push-ups, back rows and planks. this session felt so good.
Sat, 3/26: 5-6m outdoor run with the boy at his house upstate. we ran by farms and through little neighborhoods and it was a nice change of scenery. i still struggle to run with someone (i’m so used to running solo) and wasn’t feeling my best, but i was glad to have it done.
Sun, 3/27 (Easter): 4m outdoors — with my dad! awwww. we did this same thing two Christmases ago, i accompanied him to the place where he runs and we simultaneously ran our separate routes/loops, waving to each other along the way. it was sweet and i was moving pretty well and felt great.
Mon, 3/28: rest. all the work, met a girlfriend for a glass of wine, watched The Voice. i’m coming to really enjoy my Monday rest days.
Tues, 3/29: had a great morning full-body session that i’ve absolutely been paying for ever since — alllll the soreness in my legs! like, the most i’ve ever experienced, i think! i ran a quick mile before doing 50ish minutes of total body, including (obviously) an overdose of legs: 50 walking squats, lots of jumping squats, in-out squat jumps, and jumping lunges, staggered between sets of all things kettlebell: swings, bicep curls, tricep overhead curls, lateral pulls, around-the-body swings, as well as walking push-ups, tricep push-ups, and planks. THIS WORKOUT FELT SO GOOD and i definitely pushed myself…and walking has been an issue ever since. whoops. πŸ™‚
Wed, 3/30: nice-n-easy 4m run home from work last night, because so sore. i was thankful my legs felt like running at all!
Thurs, 3/31 (where did March go?!): upper body workout this morning (you better believe i did not move my legs one bit except in leg raises for my abs!): lots of kettlebells, push-ups, chest press with free weights, biceps, triceps, planks & leg raises.

i’m in serious need of a stretch session! no more running for me til Saturday.

total weekly mileage: 20-21. didn’t do any long runs but i’m happy with this, as i enjoyed my workouts this past week and finally did some speedwork. i do a looooot of walking and biking as part of my everyday life as well, so that always adds up too.

thoughts: i need a massage. or an Epsom salt bath. and i need to start doing long runs again soon!

How’s the running/working out going? Anything new or fun happening there lately?
Anyone else sore?!
Let’s start a club.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (3/24-3/31)

    • haha yes, life certainly takes priority over blogging, and that’s a good thing! home workouts can be great if you can stick to them — good for you!

    • i love running on holidays (Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving) b/c i feel like those are days you’re supposed to do everything you love most and see the people you love most!

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