Two Things Tuesday


ONE: Noshing. We had a health fair yesterday at work, which was fun in that every company represented brought snacks with them, so basically we all just made mad dashes from table to table to stock up on treats and pretended to show interests in scheduling podiatrist & acupuncture appointments between handfuls of chocolate & chips.


Just the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life, nbd.

Essentially, it was a lazy man’s adult Halloween, right here in our event space at work. I’m not mad about it at all, especially because the foot doctor table was giving away Oatmega bars, of which I’m a big fan…so I babbled to the guy about being a runner and losing toenails on the regular and knowing I should probably pay them a visit long enough to feel justified in trying a few samples and then taking a whole bar. Hey, gotta go after what you want, right? And it was a new-to-me flavor: Lemon Chia Crisp.


Not quite as yummy as the Vanilla Almond Crisp, but good nonetheless. This made for a happy breakfast this morning after a nice & quick 5-miler on the treadmill. Which leads into today’s #2…

TWO: Inspiration. I used to post more inspirational quotes/images and realize I haven’t done that in a bit, and now that I’ve started an IG page for the therapy practice at which I work (follow us @renewcounselingnyc!), I’m constantly on the hunt for great quotes and inspiring messages. Feel free to send me any you like and I’ll happily post those!

True for both running & life in general:


makes me think of the Serenity Prayer:


& always a reminder to stay true to your passions and live from who God created you to be.


Such simple advice, but so often gets lost in the flurry of activity that is our daily life. Remember to do what makes your heart soar and love those you love as well as you can. ❀

Tell me something happy from your week!


8 thoughts on “Two Things Tuesday

  1. This girl loves to nosh…. Not necessarily on snack foods… But I do love to eat – haha!
    And I agree with finding things that make you happy – It always saddens me when I hear about people who work jobs they hate.

    • i’m not usually a big “snack food” girl either — i try to stay away from all sweets (except occasional dark chocolate!) and need to be even more diligent about that! and yes, doing what you love is paramount. which is why i need a full-time writing/editing job. πŸ™‚

    • i know you do! i relate them to you b/c of that deep-seated love. πŸ™‚ the only issue i have with them is they give me the wooooorst gas, i’ve realized! it’s not specific to them, though — i think whey kills me. so annoying b/c so many great bars have that, and i need to stay away!

  2. Ok, first of all. I had to do a double take as to where that ring was on your hand! Second, I love Barkthins. I love the chocolate mint ones. 10 weeks into marathon training and I am eating everything. Thank goodness I am back in NYC and on my feet all day. I covered over 36,000 steps yesterday!

    • haha so funny — nope, didn’t run off and get married in Maui (although that’s not out of the question for the future!). πŸ™‚ yep Barkthins are officially too delicious and can never make their way back into my work drawer again! hope you’re enjoying life in NYC!

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