Weekly Workouts (3/31-4/6)

Hi from what might as well be the Arctic…seriously, whatttt is with this reversion to Winter?! April needs to rear her pretty little semi-warm head and fix this mess, because I’m so ready to put away my cold-weather running gear. C’mon, Spring, you tease.


Thurs, 3/31: morning upper body workout: lots of kettlebells, push-ups, chest press with free weights, biceps, triceps, planks & leg raises.
Fri, 4/1: morning upper body, light session: kettlebells, lots of push-ups, 10 minutes of planks; 5m speedwalk at night with the boy (it was 70 degrees!)
Sat, 4/2: 8 mile outdoor chilly run: 5m solo, 3 with Ty, followed by planks & abs
Sun, 4/3: 4m speedwork run on treadmill (30 minutes). quick & sweaty!
Mon, 4/4: rest
Tues, 4/5: 5.5 mile treadmill run yesterday at a good pace (alternating between 7.0-8.5 for intervals); planks
Wed, 4/6: has yet to occur, but I’ll be running 4ish miles tonight and doing some strength, most likely in the form of push-ups, free weights and abs. really looking forward to running tonight.

Total weekly mileage: 21-22

Thoughts: Meh – I’d like to be running more. I worked a looooot last week (2 jobs does that to you) and had super long days, plus some serious muscle soreness the likes of which I haven’t felt, like, ever…and I’m just exhausted all the time. I need to get back to where I’m feeling better about running more, but I need more time to do that, so it’s a catch 22! I did up my speedwork on the treadmill runs, however, which is a goal of mine.

How was your week in workouts?
Anyone have a great long run?
Anyone else need to sleep for, like, 2-3 days?  


14 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (3/31-4/6)

  1. Great week! You’ll get those miles in when the weather decides to warm the eff up. I’m with you. What is WITH this cold weather. It’s awful!! I totally feel like I need 32 days of straight sleep right now!

    • haha glad that we can always be on the same page! and let’s seriously get ourselves together sometime in the next couple of months when it’s warmer out! and with Charissa too!

      • Seriously. I will come into town and we can go get lunch or something! I know Charissa would be down! We could go running too…if we feel motivated. Sometime in May??

      • gah i don’t have a single free weekend in May — i’m away 3 of them and have the BK Half the other! but yes let’s plan something at some point!

  2. Same here!! We’re having like 4 seasons in one day! It was gorgeous on Saturday so I headed out for a run then was completely soaked on the last mile and it hasn’t stopped raining since!!! Yeah SLEEP is needed too!!

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