Thinking Out Loud


I’m linking up with Amanda @ Running with Spoons for this week’s TOL random spill sesh!

1. This is everything.


The boy sent it to me this morning and it resonates with me to the nth degree (and I posted a different version of it on my IG this morning, so follow me @glitterstruck!). It stirs up such thought-provoking questions about life & purpose & passion & doing everything that’s burning a hole within me and makes me want to purge all things I don’t love from my life and start over with a clean slate. Anyone with me?!

2. I am soon to be a proud (and super stoked) possessor of one of these babies:

My parents live right on a lake and I am SO EXCITED to spend my weekends balancing on this beauty all summer! I’ve never been on a SUP before but am 1,000% convinced I will love it. It seems like the perfect way to start a day, when the world is still sleepy and the sun has just risen and all seems quiet and perfect.

3. I ran outdoors last night (4 miles) and again at 6am today (another 4 miles) and felt great and am so ready to get back into higher mileage weeks and push myself. I guess I have to admit I’ve been feeling rather stressed, in a frenetic, no-time-for-myself, rushing-from-one-thing-to-the-next sort of way, and really could use some more long runs for the sole purpose of having time alone to breathe. It’s so necessary to find that which makes you feel good and alive and keep doing more of it.

4. This is “my wine”: Josh by Joseph Carr, Cabernet Sauvignon.


I love this wine, and it’s become my go-to and basically the only thing I drink regularly. Well, I recently discovered some fun facts about the winemaker: Joseph Carr is from my hometown area, in the same county where my parents live! It was like I was destined to try 4326242324 wines in the past 15+ years only to discover that my taste buds could tell a local. πŸ˜‰ This is a great article about his rise to success and details the struggles in his journey to turn this wine (which honors his father’s name) into a massive hit.

Soooo, if you haven’t had this wine (and are a cab fan), you must. It’s phenomenal. And if you’re ever in NYC, look me up and we will drink it together. πŸ™‚

5. Do you ever think about what you might want to do with your life if you didn’t have to worry about bills & health insurance & all that jazz? Not being dramatic — just been thinking so much about what it means to live a joy-journey life of passion lately. It’s one thing to talk about it, but what does it realllly look like if you put it into action?


And yes, that was my preface into saying that I’m trying to convince the boy he wants to move to Maui and go off the grid for a while. & that I want to write a book about following your passions and choosing joy.

6. I recently read the book Language Arts by Stephanie Kallos & am consequently captivated by the wonders that are storybook houses.




How have I missed these before now?! Like, what when how why where?!
Yes, I would like to live in a fairyland, please. Someone get me one of these.

7. One of my adorable clients recently surprised me with this:


Talk about the perfectly appropriate gift for this therapist. I think maybe I should start collecting wine glasses with different icons or from different places or whatnot. That’d be a fun & useful collection!

8. And now I want wine. Not hard to set that in motion.

Go ahead, think out loud! Tell me something random from your week.


12 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Um – Storybook houses?!? Incredible! Don’t feel bad, I had no idea that was “a thing” either until 10 seconds ago – but now I can see it being a total time suck πŸ™‚ Love Love Love the pictures you posted! Happy TOLT!

  2. I love this! Those houses are adorable. I was running in Central Park last night and saw a girl that I thought for a second was you. I was tempted to say “Hi” but I have done that before and been totally wrong! Haha!

    • haha awww that’s so fun & i wish it were me! i had clients last night so ran in the morning instead…but i’d love to meet up for a run or coffee or something sometime! email me!

  3. Can i live in one of those storybook houses please?!
    And I suck at decision-making and your first quote in this post just fuels my fire. I so wish I was a more spontaneous type…but then I think about all these responsibilities I have :/ So I’m just going to assume that wine hangout was meant for me πŸ˜‰ I think I need you and your inspiration in my life one of these days. I know it will make me feel tons better. Why do our lives not match up better?? Haha.

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