Weekly Workouts (4/7-4/13)


Thurs, 4/7: 4-mile morning run; planks.
Fri, 4/8: I can’t really recall what this morning workout consisted of: i think i ran 2 miles then did kettlebells, push-ups and planks. let’s go with that. 🙂
Sat, 4/9: 8-mile outdoor run of non-stop hills, including one loooong upward climb that I’m proud to say I stuck out the whole way! Little victories. 🙂
Sun, 4/10: gym with boy: 3.5-mile treadmill interval run (5k under 24 minutes so I was happy with that!); strength session that included lots of assisted pull-ups, bench jumps and push-ups.
Mon, 4/11: rest.
Tues, 4/12: 5-mile run home from work.
Wed, 4/13: running after work, hoping for 6 miles.

Total weekly mileage: between 22-28, depending on what I run tonight.

Thoughts: I’m happy enough with that, and more importantly, my legs are feeling great lately — no pain or issues or anything, thank the Lord. 🙂

Song of the week: “Ghost” by Halsey. Super catchy and fun!

Happy running, friends! ❤

Song you’ve been digging lately?
Upcoming races?


11 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (4/7-4/13)

  1. Nice week. I’m not sure why, but I heard “Cake By The Ocean” and liked it. It’s silly. And when I played it at home, Mary LOVES it and dances. She loves totally inappropriate songs.

  2. Look at you! That treadmill 5k was killer – you’re always telling me I’m speedy but you’ve definitely got it in you too!! So happy the legs are feeling better 🙂

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