Two Things Tuesday


1. I finally wrote another memoir piece. And I’m really happy with it.


This piece has sort of been a long time in the making, the different parts floating around in a non-cohesive jumble for quite some time before I was ready to tackle them head-on and harness them into something worth sharing with the world. I so desperately want to write things that I believe in whole-heartedly; that speak to the essence of who I am; that I can stand behind 100% as defining pieces of my story that I desire to get out just so. I want to believe in what I write, and let others see pieces of me as I’m ready to release them. I want my memoirs to be written from the soul.

I’m happy to be able to say that I believe this one is a part of that unfolding.

How I captioned this on IG:


Thanks in advance if you read me, friends. Means more than you can know. ❤

2. I had a stellar, glorious weekend of running! It was GORGEOUS here finally, and I felt so so good, so I just listened to my body and let it keep going as long as it desired…which turned into a total of 20 wonderful miles along the West Side/Hudson River. I ran 12 on Saturday and felt so good on Sunday that I thought, “a 20 mile weekend sounds lovely,” and 8 miles later, I’d hit my goal.FullSizeRender

Dontcha just love when that happens? And what was so nice about these back-t0-back long runs was that they didn’t feel hard. I felt great and happy and enjoyed every single moment of them (and even ran again this morning without any pain or soreness, woot!). God knew I needed a weekend like that.

& then I got a little bit reflective after those runs were done and started thinking about how fortunate I am to be able to set goals like that and meet them, and how good it feels when you just feel good. I know you know what I mean! As runners, we experience the ups and downs and joys and trials and euphoric runs and miserable runs and everything in-between. I don’t know about you, but I’m a firm believer in riding out those highs while they’re here and reflecting on how thankful I am for all that I’ve been given.


So today, I am happy. & that feels like enough.

Hope you had wonderful weekends, friends!

Tell me a weekend highlight!
Anyone have a glorious run/race/workout?


14 thoughts on “Two Things Tuesday

    • thanks! i really felt super grateful after this weekend, and you’re right — those are the best moments, when you realize what you value most are things that speak about your character and sense of gratitude, not possessions. such a good point.

  1. 20 miles – Wow! Don’t you love this weather. I ran 11 and I was only planning on 10. Next weekend is 13.1 hilly ones.

  2. I feel like this weather is just what the doctor ordered, for all of us. I just hope it stays around a bit longer! Slash never leaves. Looking forward to your piece 😀

  3. Love this and love that you had a great running weekend. Wasn’t it amazing? I started Friday morning off with 22 miles in Central Park. The weather made it so much better! Hooray for spring!

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