Weekly Workouts (4/14-4/20)


Thurs, 4/14: 4-mile morning run outdoors. quick & easy!

Fri, 4/15: 45-minute strength workout. i’m not doing a lot of lower body right now b/c i’m trying to up the running mileage and my legs and hips get realllllly tight/sore, so most of my strength workouts focus on upper body and abs and usually look something like this:


i try to switch up the exercises and keep it moving, taking only very short breaks, and do at least 2 sets of each of these groups (and usually at least 50 push-ups, as i default to those and often will just stop and throw a set in!). i know we all have exercises we prefer, and push-ups & planks are my faves. i did also add one set of walking lunges (40) and one set of bench jumps (20) into this routine, for no good reason. 🙂

Sat, 4/16: glorious 12-mile outdoor run!! followed by a few abs (bicycles & leg raises). favorite workout of the week FOR SURE.

Sun, 4/17: another beautiful 8-miler. i felt soooo happy and it felt amazing to crush some good runs two days in a row! thank you, Lord, for sunny skies & feel-good legs.

Mon, 4/18: push-ups (tricep and regular), about 50; 10 minutes of planks. usually i rest on Mondays but i decided to get a quick one in in my room before work.

Tues, 4/19: 4.5 morning miles; 4 mins of planks.

Wed, 4/20: 45 minutes this morning of the same upper body routine as above, minus the plate chest press and adding back flys and punches with 5-lb plates, as well as a lateral pull machine. also brought my stuff to run home from work tonight — loving this weather!

total weekly mileage (counting tonight’s 4.5-5): 33-34.

thoughts: YASSSS. 🙂 that about sums that up! highest mileage i’ve had in months and i couldn’t be happier or feel better.

How’s your week of workouts going?
Anyone else have any amazing runs lately?


11 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (4/14-4/20)

  1. Hello 12 miler! That is awesome. I love when the weather lifts your spirits. It totally helps. I am a big fan of lower body workouts, but I eliminate them during training cycles. It is too much on the body. Plus, when you boost your mileage that is a lower body workout on its own.

    • it’s the best!! i reallllly like lower body workouts as well (hi, girls with strong legs!) but follow the same plan of eliminating during training. my legs can’t handle it! allll the sore feels.

  2. Awesome job!! Glad you are having such a great time running lately. I think the lack of lower body strength workouts is definitely helping. I tend to focus on upper body and core with my strength workouts too. Unless I have some lower body moves in Orangetheory, I really don’t do squats/lunges, etc. Love this! I should put up the core workout I created for myself – I think you’d like it 🙂

    • thanks lady! and i need to check out an Orangetheory class sometime soon, as everyone seems to rave about it. there’s one upstate so i’m hoping i can get the boy to go with me some weekend (he’ll kill me, he’s the most fit human ever haha). yes put up the core workout please!!

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