Friday Five: Solo Running Love

There are other work days, and then there are Fridays. THANK THE LORD.

Linking back up with the DC ladies Mar, Cynthia & Courtney for this week’s Friday Five, which is a free Friday and up to interpret howsoever our little hearts desire. Considering I’ve been on such a run high lately and feeling so good, this was an easy choice for me.


1. Sometimes, this is the only real “me” time I get all day. We’re all busy humans and it can be hard to fit some personal time into our days, and we all require different amounts of this “me” time. I often feel like I’m running around like a nutbox from one thing to the next from sun-up to sun-down, and I so crave these runs as time to just focus on myself. Ever just feel like you need to not talk to people for a while??Ā I’m a people-person to the max, but man, I love my alone time these days.

2. I have complete control. Should I run at 6am, or 6pm? Do I want to go uptown or downtown? Do I want to stop and stretch, or pee, or walk for a bit, or pet that cute dog and inquire about its breed is for my future dog-parent reference, or do some bench push-ups, or take my best friend’s phone call, or splash some water on my face at as many water fountains as suit my fancy? Or all of those in one run? I can if I want! This is all mine!

3. It makes it less competitive and more organically enjoyable. Sure, running with people could probably push me and challenge me and make me a stronger runner, but my purposes for running have always been so personal — because it makes me feel good about myself; because it’s my “me against the world” time; because I naturally love to do it and haven’t allowed myself to turn it into something competitive or stressful. I’m so happy with the place I’ve carved out for running in my life.

4. It’s free. Can’t beat that, amiright?! Classes don’t come cheaply in NYC. I’ve done some run-based outdoor workout classes and while I enjoyed most of them, it’s just not worth it for me to pay someone to push me to do something I already have all the drive to do on my own. They can serve as great motivators if you need an extra push to get out there and want a trainer and group holding you accountable, but that’s not my story right now and so I save those dollars for things I can’t get for free (like red wine & train rides upstate). At this point and I benefit much more from running on my own (both physically and mentally, financials aside!).Ā  šŸ™‚

5.Ā It’s empowering.Ā Regardless of what kind of a day/week/month I’ve had, one thing always remains constant: I can awake with a new dawn and lace up my sneakers and choose to tackle the day, just me against the world, independent & strong & determined to push myself and better myself and surprise myself, again and again and again. Once you fall in love with something so completely and allow it to settle at the very center of your being and define you in so many ways, you can’t help but see how much it’s changed you, for the better, and made you a more resilient, resourceful, stronger version of yourself. Running has done that for me.



12 thoughts on “Friday Five: Solo Running Love

  1. I run solo 98% of the time and prefer it that way. For all the reasons you state above. I have also stopped running with music, which makes it even more solo. LOVE it like that.

    • exactly. i think i would get into “friend” running as well, it’s just a paradigm shift for me. i did do 7 hilly miles this Sat with the boy and it was great!

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