Weekly Workouts


I’m so bummed to report that I haven’t run outdoors one single day in this past week! That’s quite a record for me — I can’t even recall the last time I said that?? — and I don’t like it one bit. Here’s to changing that starting tomorrow or Saturday.

Thurs, 4/28: 3.5 miles on a treadmill at the Palmer House Hotel gym (in Chicago), followed by planks & other abs, and a few sets of push-ups (regular and tricep). Great hotel gym.

Fri, 4/29: 4 treadmill miles (maybe a little more but can’t recall) + planks

Sat, 4/30: ran 3, walked 1; abs: 10 mins of planks (woot!), bicycles, leg lifts; free weights (10lbs: curls and back rows); chest-presses with a 35 lb plate

Sun, 5/1: 4 miles on a treadmill yet again, back in my apartment gym in NYC. I tried to run outdoors but walked outside into a steady rain in 40 degrees –> treadmill it was. followed by push-ups, planks, a few squats, some random stuff haha.

Mon, 5/2: rest. exhaustion.

Tues, 5/3: 4 treadmill miles yet again (this darn rain and cold!); 4 mins planks; light kettlebells and push-ups

Wed, 5/4: sick. rest/misery.

Thurs, 5/5 (happy cinco de mayo!): 3.5 treadmill miles this morning; push-ups (both kinds); 8 mins of planks.

Total weekly mileage: 22

Thoughts: Disappointed over the fact that I did zero long runs this past week, which was a bummer and shouldn’t be happening, but I honestly was so tired most of the time (even when in Chicago) and traveling and wasn’t going to run 10 miles on a hotel treadmill, or outdoors in the freeze and rain, soooo, I did what I felt like doing and it’s fine. I think my body needed the shorter runs and just the “don’t be so hard on yourself” mentality this week, as i felt/still feel run down. Cannot wait for this weekend at home, and a good long run on Saturday.

Happy running, friends. ❤

How do you keep yourself motivated on a treadmill after you’ve spent months running outdoors, even in the cold? I am really hating the ‘mills lately.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts

  1. Oh man, this weather blows for running. Since we are in a sublet and don’t have a gym membership I have been sucking it up and running outside. Soggy! When I run on the treadmill I either listen to music or find some dumb TV show I never watch (only time I’ve ever watched the Kardashians because I was certain to not hit a repeat for me). I’ve done up to 18 miles on the mill before. But I usually just do speed work in the form of pyramids or something to keep myself going.

    • I used to be better about doing up to 10 miles on a ‘mill and not feeling miserable, but this past week has been rough – I think it’s just transitioning from running almost entirely outdoors back to the treadmill and resisting it. yes, music saves me!

  2. If you can read on the treadmill, I would suggest that, but whatever you do while you are on the mill, save it for the treadmill only–like tv shows, music, whatever.

    • i know you’re a treadmill reader – i can’t imagine i could do that! i don’t mind watching TV – when the TV works. i have to start bringing my table down and watching Netflix on that.

  3. Oh man – I hate those weeks. Sometimes the treadmill is the only option. I’ve been watching the Gilmore Girls and I only get to watch it if I’m working out inside but I’m psyched to get back out soon.

  4. I definitely listen to music on the treadmill. Occasionally a movie depending on distance. I reviewed the ultimate treadmill workout awhile ago and love the interval workouts to keep me interested and on my toes!

    • I haven’t tried a movie but sometimes I watch Netflix on my phone — I think I need to get my tablet down there one day and see if that helps. 🙂

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