TOLT: Lately Life in Verbs

LIFE. It gets so crazy busy sometimes, doesn’t it? As much as I love writing and being a blogger, I admit that entire weekends go by where I don’t think once about sitting down at a computer and writing a tale about running or adventuring or whatever else it is I write about. I mean, I really love blogging, but let’s be honest — I reallllly love living.

So, to link up with Amanda @ Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday, my lately life has looked a lot like this:

Running. Been pretty consistent and successful since the BK Half a little over a week ago! This was an easy recovery, which reinforces my affirmations that I didn’t push myself in that race and just enjoyed it at a comfortable pace. I took a few days off from running right after the race and then got back into it last Wednesday, so my last week in running has looked like this:

Wed, 5/25: 6 miles in the am, felt great!
Thurs, 5/26: walked 3.5 miles to work in the am, then ran 5 miles home (if you’re wondering about the math, I run all the piers on the way back!)
Fri, 5/27: ran 3.5 miles in the am, then did a half hour of upper body + 5 mins of planks
Sat, 5/28: a hot and uber hilly 7-miler around the lakes upstate with the boy. we came back sweaty and happy and immediately made delicious smoothies to enjoy with a lake view. cannot beat that!


Sun, 5/29: gym session: assisted pull-up/dip machine, push-ups, lat row, free weights; a bunch of squat jumps, box jumps, in-out squat jumps; planks.
Mon, 5/30: allllll the leg soreness. all of it. we went for a 5-6 mile walk (again, all the hills) and that was almost more than my poor legs could handle. just ow.
Tues, 5/31: rest. rest. rest.
Wed, 6/1: ran 5 miles in the beauuuutiful 72 degree 6am weather and loved every minute! 5 mins of planks in the gym after. I was thrilled my legs felt as good as they did after a few days of serious hurts-so-good soreness.
Thurs, 6/2: ran 3.5m this am, followed by some kettlebell upper body, push-ups and abs

Boom. All good on that front lately!

Paddling. So, I have a new toy…and I love ittttt.


This was my first time ever on a stand-up paddle board, and I’m stoked for more sunny days spent paddling around the lake! I bought California Board Company’s 10SIX and have no complaints – considering it served us well for both individual rides and tandems! The balancing act was a bit rough (okay so I made us fall in twice) but I foresee a lot of fun on this in my future. It also gave me a tremendous appreciation for people who do crazy yoga moves on these things, as standing up was a bit of a challenge in itself for me!

Eating/Drinking. Smoothies (as illustrated above). I crave smoothies like nothing else come the warm weather and could happily have one every day for lunch. Almond milk, banana, whatever berries I can get my hands on, protein powder and ice = Heaven.

Reading. The Picture of Dorian Gray. I finished this book the other day and am really glad I finally read it — it was a really intriguing, thought-provoking read, and I realllly enjoyed Wilde’s writing style and use of language and imagery. He’s such a crazygood, witty writer. This was my favorite passage from the novel:



Bumming. So apparently I’m late to this party – I just heard this week that Victoria’s Secret is discontinuing their swimsuit line after this year, which really bummed me out, as I’m a big fan of their suits (the quality for the price is amazing!) and buy pieces from there annually, so I’m sad to see this happen! Although not being able to compare myself to those impossibly-abbed models might be a good thing.

Wanting. This mermaid blanket might be the cutest thing I’ve seen in, um, ever.


And now I’m off to go play in a company pick-up softball game (should be hilarious)! Happy Thursday Eve and hope it’s as sunny and lovely where you are as it is here in NYC. ❤

Tell me something good from your week!
Favorite bikini companies/sites?
As if I needed to keep growing the obsession…


4 thoughts on “TOLT: Lately Life in Verbs

  1. Those smoothies look so good! When I was pregnant I craved Jamba Juice so badly and there weren’t any near us. Rock and I have been considering getting a SUP for the lake. He really enjoys them and we watch with envy as people pass by our house on them. Funny enough, I LOVE Target’s bikinis. I have way too many of them because the price is so great. I switched from VS to Target a few years ago and haven’t looked back.

    • i just had a Jamba Juice when i was in CO a few weeks ago and it was delicious! you should totally get an SUP, it’s going to be one of my fave things this summer i think. i used to buy a lot of Target’s bikinis and still have one triangle top from there that held up really well — but VS has been my bikini lifeline the past 3 years. so sad.

  2. Wait, you hadn’t read Dorian Gray before?? I feel like that book is your literary spirit animal–such an expose into a faceted mind and a look at human wishes gone awry. And the writing and wit is so spot on! Glad that you finally read it!

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