Work (some changes!) & Play (much needed)

Hi, friends! Gosh, I miss all of you. It feels like forever!

Life is good. Life is hectic and crazy and changing, but it’s (mostly) good.

I’ve been in NYC for 5.75 years, and I’ve had the same day job the entire time — until Monday. I went from working at one Canadian bank (red) to another Canadian bank (green); from downtown Manhattan to midtown; from biking/subwaying to work to a 20-minute walk across town (love that!). This is a huge change for me, which I’m hoping will be all sorts of positives, aside from missing my many coworkers-turned-friends at the red bank. It certainly makes my life easier as I can now walk everywhere — from home to work to my therapy office back home — most days, I’m living in a neat little circle.

So, this is a big change, and the craziness of tying up a near six-year job the past two weeks kept me away from blogging. Something had to go, and it wasn’t going to be my therapy clinicals, my running or my friends, sooooo…there ya have it. I’m hoping these prolonged blog absences don’t become a “thing,” as I always do feel the void of not writing, but I feel like I’m trying to juggle so much right now that it gets a bit overwhelming and exhausting, to be quite honest. I want to sleep for a week.

It’s also forced me to think a lot lately about the purpose of work in our lives, and how much of our time and energy is spent devoted to that one little four-letter word that encompasses the majority of our days. It can be such a difficult world to navigate and so often doesn’t turn out the way we thought it would. I struggle on a daily basis with not using what I know to be my God-given gifts for my career purposes and with trying not to become easily discouraged and keep working toward what I want, but it can be hard. I know so many of us experience this at some point, but I feel like it’s been part of my story for so many years, and I’m so ready to have it behind me and start living a life focused entirely on my passions, talents and strengths. Ever just feel like enough is seriously enough?

I’m living there these days.

So! That’s a big part of what’s going on with me. On a happier note, other things have been good: it’s summer, I’ll be at the lake this weekend, and running is going really well. I ran a collective total just shy of 20 miles last Fri, Sat  & Sun, and felt good and strong and pain-free. I managed to drag myself up to run 4 miles this morning as well, which felt like a huge accomplishment given how utterly exhausted I was throughout the run!

I’ve also had a little more girl time in the past week, which has been great, and reminded me just how thankful I am to have such lovely, amazing friends.


This photo from last Friday was snapped at the cozy, attic-style speakeasy The Garrett in the West Village, about which I’ve blogged previously:


Three of the four of us actually ordered that delicious green cocktail pictured above, called The First Lady, which was gin based and contained matcha green tea, lemon, fresh basil and a frothy egg white finish — totally unique and I enjoyed it, but probably wouldn’t order more than one, as it had a very distinct, herby flavor.

Saturday morning started off with a quick 4-miler before I headed out to an all-day birthday celebration for a girlfriend, which started with a champagne rooftop brunch at her apartment that she adorably dubbed “Bagels & Bubbles,” which was obviously a fantastic mimosa party,


before we took our party dresses and June-happy selves off to the Belmont Stakes race track in Long Island. Giddyup!


It was a very fun, very long, very “I’m definitely losing my voice today” day, and I was on the couch watching How to be Single by 8:30pm with sore feet, tired eyes and a very happy heart. It was the perfect ending to a hectic, crazytown of a week.

So that’s my catch-up for the time being — hopefully I’ll be back in action again here more regularly from now on.

Best part of your week?
Anyone else feeling so runhappy because of the weather lately?
What’s your fave thing to do in summer?


13 thoughts on “Work (some changes!) & Play (much needed)

  1. Please don’t stop blogging! I swear I’ve seen so many blogs stop after someone says “i got a new job….” I understand a new job can completely change your lifestyle, so I really don’t blame the bloggers, I would just hate to lose yours too 🙂 On another note, this sentence stood out to me like no other “I struggle on a daily basis with not using what I know to be my God-given gifts for my career purposes and with trying not to become easily discouraged and keep working toward what I want, but it can be hard.” SERIOUSLY! This is SUCH a struggle for SO MANY people!! If you ever want to expand upon it, I think we could all relate in some way or another. What God-given talent would you love to use for a career?

    • thanks so much for this comment, Rach — i have no desire or plan to stop blogging and this really encouraged me, so i appreciate you writing this! i DO plan to write a blog about personal gifts/talents (which i believe are God-given, but regardless of what people believe, i hope everyone feels they have them!). writing has always been my primary passion (along with my genuine love for people), so even if i haven’t found a way to turn that into a full-time job as of yet, my blog is at least an outlet for me to continue to utilize this gift, and i should cherish that. thanks girl! 🙂

  2. Happiness is what happens when reality meets expectation. I heard that once, and it stuck with me. Don’t know why I felt like sharing it.
    And I think you are using you God Given talents. You are honing them, growing them, and getting them ready for you to strike out on your own.

  3. I am all for the mantra ‘work to live don’t live to work’ it’s so difficult when in reality we spend most of our time at work to forget that it’s not the most important thing in life!
    Well done on the running!
    Looks like you had a great time -work hard, play harder 🙂 xo

    • i am totally with you on that mantra but it’s hard when you want to find a really purposeful, meaningful pursuit as well! all in due time. but you’re right, life is about so much more than just that one component, no matter how fulfilled we want to feel in that. it’s always about finding a healthy balance.

  4. Life gets crazy man, it’s all about finding a happy balance for priorities!! My blogging gets put on the bottom of the list when life gets busy! TOTALLY OK! RUN RUN RUN!

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